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Due to the increasing number of cases of Dengue Fever in different hospitals nationwide, we are allowing DLSZ students to wear long pants, jogging pants or over-the-knee socks for the time being.

Please click to read: E-Poster on Dengue Symptoms and Prevention

Likewise, we have identified several cases of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease  and Stomach Flu during and after the VM week; hence, we are reminding everyone to please be vigilant and mindful of others. If not feeling well or noted to have fever, please STAY HOME and wait until you are at least 24 hours fever-free without taking any fever-controlling medications before reporting back to school. Watch out for other signs and symptoms. Please consult your personal healthcare providers if your condition is persistent or worsening so that you can be managed properly.

For additional information on HFMD, please click this infographics. You may also visit Internal Memos, under the “Health” subtab via the Family Portal.