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Educational Philosophy

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School as a dynamic learning community promotes the attainment of developmental and holistic learning.

As a Catholic school, it draws inspiration from the ideals and teachings of St. John Baptist de la Salle.  It participates in the ministry of evangelization of the Church and social transformation. In this regard, it enables the learners to realize the gift of salvation of Christ, the need to become accepting of others and socially responsible individual.

The DLSZ Curriculum is designed towards the formation of the whole person in a continually changing environment. It fosters academic excellence as well as emotional, social, physical, moral and spiritual development of the person. It makes use of integrative and holistic approaches to help the students relate their learning with life’s experiences. As such, the curriculum equips the learners with essential skills and values to competently deal with the socio-political, cultural, economic, and religious conditions of a society venturing into a growing global community with its fast-paced technology.

As a Catholic school with an integrated curriculum, and through the creation of a learner-centered environment, the school engenders learners who are reflective, creative, critical, and resourceful problem solvers.  Through his/her interaction with the learning environment, the young Lasallian develops his/her physical, intellectual, social, emotional, moral, and spiritual dimensions. In the process of learning he/she becomes an active participant in his/her own total formation.


De La Salle Zobel educators possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively facilitate learning among the students. Grounded on a thorough understanding of their specialization, the educators are also lifelong learners, constantly retooling themselves and exploring various strategies for the development of their students and themselves, as learners and persons.


Our other stakeholders, the parents, alumni, partner organizations and communities, and external benefactors, provide healthy and enriching interactions and environments that assist the school in its task of forming Lasallians who are to become men and women of integrity with a strong sense of purpose in life and a firm conviction to serve and live a moral Catholic Filipino Christian life.