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Office of the President

The President’s Office is in charge of the over-all administrative and academic concerns of the school.

The President is the chief operating officer of the De La Salle Santiago Zobel School. He is responsible for the overall, effective and efficient management and delivery of the school’s academic and administrative services and achievement of its strategic goals. He also serves as a Lasallian Animator in charge of inspiring the academic community with the Lasallian Spirituality.

Under the President’s direct supervision are several units to ensure active support for co-curricular programs in sports, business processes and procurement, fundraising, communications, promotion of positive school image and brand, aesthetics, campus development and services, and the monitoring of quality academic and business practices to ensure that the school achieves its strategic goals.


The Advancement and Communications Office (AdComm) both the  communications center, fund-raising arm and external linkage of the school.  The AdComm promotes a highly effective communication network amongst the different stakeholders of the school and its key partners in education–the parents, the alumni, partner communities, and organizations, government units, private companies and the general public; spearheads institutional fundraising projects; advances the school’s positive image. It also manages all records pertinent to Scholarship Grants.

Services Offered:

  • Editing, Proofreading of Internal and External Correspondence
  • Editing, Proofreading, Design and Layouting of newsletter (Sinagberde) and school collaterals
  • Writing of Articles and News Updates for the Website, Employee and Family Portals
  • Digital Signage Posting
  • Risographing
  • Photo Coverage
  • Video Editing
  • Fundraising Campaigns


The Purchasing Office is in charge of the central procurement of materials, equipment, machines and other tools directly and indirectly needed in the teaching and learning process.

It supervises the online Employee Request System for an efficient procurement process. It purchase goods and services that meets the quality requirements and standards of the school but with consideration of the lowest cost. It also monitors and maintains the availability of the supply of regular items needed in the school.

Purchasing Office Online Form:


Compliance and Risk Management Office

The Compliance and Risk Management Office ensures adherence of the school with all applicable laws and regulations, internal rules, policies and procedures with the goal to advance DLSZ’s mission and strategic plans by proactively partnering with various stakeholders in promoting stewardship, accountability, integrity, efficiency and compliance.

It requires administrative and operating units to have written internal policies, procedures and guidelines in place for monitoring of  compliance with law, regulation, or other binding rule or agreement for all agreements entered into by DLSZ. It monitors, make commendations for compliance and recommend corrective courses of action in case of non-compliance such as training programs.

The Compliance and Risk Management Office has full access to properties, records, data and other necessary information. The Compliance and Risk Management Officer reports directly to the school president and may be required to report to the Board of Trustees on a periodic basis.

The Compliance and Risk Management Office’s function is separate and distinct from Internal Audit Office’s but may coordinate with Internal Audit regarding compliance issues.

Internal Audit Office

The INTERNAL AUDIT OFFICE assists the institution to accomplish its objectives by strengthening and enhancing the efficiency of its control environment and governance process.

The services of the office include:

  • Reviews systems and operations to assess the adequacy of controls over activities
  • Appraise the reliability of financial information
  • Reviews compliance with policies, procedures and statutory requirements which could have a significant effect on operations
  • Appraises the efficiency and effectiveness in the use of available resources
  • Recommends improvement in procedures to prevent losses or wastage

Strategic Planning Office

The Strategic Planning Office is responsible for ensuring that DLSZ follows through with the implementation of its vision, mission and strategy in line with its goals and objectives.

It leads institution-wide strategic planning, budget and target-setting processes, including key performance monitoring.  Further, it assists in the development of the Annual Plan, and 3-year (rolling) Strategic Plan emphasizing the role of effective strategic monitoring, evaluation and sufficient planning & development activities in the achievement of the plan.

Research and PAASCU Coordination Office

The Research Office prepares and present plans and reports for the research agenda or themes in collaboration with the heads of the different departments. It conducts lectures/workshops to initiate and perpetuate the culture of inquiry and research among the members of the academic community. It assists teachers from the initial conception to the final results of their classroom-based researches/action researches and maintains an inventory of all researches conducted in each department. It provides technical and logistic support in accordance with the guidelines for assistance. It recommends meritorious researches to the Faculty Performance Incentive Board for awards. It spearheads in the preparation of the  school’s research publication. It establishes linkages with other research offices (national and international ) for possible collaborative efforts in addressing common problems.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office prepares and coordinates special projects under the President’s Office. It also handles the internal and external communications of the school president with other educational networks such as De La Salle Philippines and Muntiparlas Consortium and external stakeholders for school concerns and special events and activities. It prepares the quarterly and annual reports of the school president to the Board of Trustees and assists in organising of meetings, follow-up and preparation of progress reports for the President’s Council, Operations Council and the Finance Executive Committee and planning workshops for school administrators.

The Growth in Organizational Leadership and Development Program is an ongoing succession program spearheaded by the President’s Office that trains potential and new administrators through a series of sessions and workshops on topics ranging from management, leadership and Lasallian spirituality.

SparkEd Center

The SparkEd Center is an educational training center with the goal to contribute to the advancement of Philippine education by providing opportunities to develop and hone the knowledge and skills of teachers through seminars and workshops in curriculum development, education technology, teaching strategies, and instruction.

It aims to strengthen the educational initiatives and innovations to make learning more efficient, inclusive, relevant, and engaging for students.

It was envisioned to continue the mission of the founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle to train teachers being the “pioneer in founding training colleges for teachers, reform schools for delinquents, technical schools, and secondary schools.”

The SparkEd Center was established on 2016 under the supervision of the Executive Office, headed by Br. Bernard S. Oca FSC, the president of De La Salle Santiago Zobel School.

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