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DLSZ Alumni Association

The De La Salle Zobel Alumni Association (DLSZAA) is one of DLSZ’s premiere support organizations whose mission is to create, maintain and enhance relationships among alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends that will foster loyalty, interest and support for the school and for one another. The DLSZAA was established in 1994 and is involved in alumni relations, community service, alumni networking and sporting events.

To avail of the DLSZAA Alumni Card now!

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Membership Cards have two (2) kinds

  1. Regular Green Card – Annual fee of P500.00

  2. Lifetime Gold Card – One-Time fee of P5,000.00) Price will be subject to change and will have more perks than the Green Card.

  3. Honorary Membership Card – Special card only for the few good men and women of the DLSZ Community.

Interested merchants are invited to join the exclusive group that can advertise their products and services by signing up for a Merchant’s Pass through our membership FB group/page:

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For inquiries, contact us at 09065695998 and or email

Please visit the DLSZAA website.