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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department (ASD) is tasked to oversee the effective and efficient delivery of services needed by the members of the school community and other stakeholders in line with the overall goals and objectives of the institution. It recommends to the President the needed enhancements in the areas of medical and health, food, transportation, safety and security, facilities and environment programs management, and campus development.  

The Director of Administrative Services acts as the lead administrator of the department that is composed of the following offices:

  • Campus Development Office (CDO)
  • Campus Services Office (CSO)
  • Facilities and Environment Programs Management Office (FEPMO)
  • Safety and Security Office (SSO)


The CDO directs the operation and function of the school facilities, open spaces, circulation and utility system to improve the teaching, learning, administrative and learning activities of various stakeholders in line with the school’s vision-mission and the Campus Development Master Plan.  The office specifically undertakes the following functions:

a. Oversees the short, medium and long term Campus Development Plans of both campuses;

b. Recommends the reuse, renovation, and repurposing of existing buildings after carefully assessing programmatic alignment, functionality, long-term capital renewal (deferred maintenance), historic significance, location, energy efficiency, and replacement costs through a conduct of research studies;

c. Organizes the arrangement and the design of campus buildings and open spaces to foster human interaction complementing the diverse population of the school community. It considers the transitional spaces to encourage collaboration in and out of the classrooms/ offices where study spaces, auxiliary services and general meeting spaces complement the cohesive design of both campuses;

d. Regulates and monitors the level of compliance of contracted developers for space-planning and standards setting in line with the building regulatory board as mandated by the school’s policies and government requirements;

 e. Engages and supervises construction consultants, service contractors and suppliers to provide a range of works from Campus Master Planning, new building design and construction through the restoration or renovation of existing facilities in a building or open spaces;

f. Develops and organizes archival system of Campus Development Plans such as: (1) circulations, (2) buildings & facilities, (3) land use aspects, (4) phases of development & scheduling, (5) site plan, (6) utility & energy systems, (7) outdoor spatial aspects & landscaping, (8) planning concepts,  (9) housing (if any), and other pertinent documents related to infrastructure planning and development in and out of the campus; and

g. Represents the institution on matters related to Campus Development Plans.


The CSO implements guidelines and procedures in providing services for Lasallian Partners. Under this office are three sub-units, namely:

a. Food Services –  supervises the concessionaire and the Cafeteria Committee to seek ways to improve the cafeteria facilities, food supply, handling, menu plan, preparation, sanitation, services and its personnel.

b. Medical and Dental Services – provides first-aid, regular annual and physical & dental examination, drug-testing and other wellness programs in collaboration with the contracted medical team, Lifeline Ambulance Rescue Ins, Red Cross, and other local health offices.

c. Transportation Services – formulates applicable transportation safety and security policies, provides fleet services and implements effective maintenance schedules of school vehicles to ensure that these are in good working condition. The unit also prepares guidelines for the endorsement of school bus operators, known as the Recognized Transport Service Providers (RTSP), to check if these are LTFRB certified and have passed the vehicular inspection standard set by the school.


The FEPMO ensures the upkeep, repair and maintenance of the school’s physical facilities, building structures and grounds. It formulates policies and guidelines on the use of the physical resources and in spearheading the school’s environment programs. Under this office are three sub-units, as follows:

a. Buildings and Grounds Maintenance – guarantees that the indoor and outdoor areas are clean and well kept, including the perimeter areas of the campus. The janitorial and landscaping services are provided by this sub-unit. It also takes the lead in the implementation of the school’s Ecological Solid Waste Management Program and the supervision of the Material Recovery Facility.

b. Civil and Sanitary Works – formulates and recommends plans, policies and procedures for the repair and maintenance of the school’s facilities, plumbing and sanitary systems. It oversees the inspection and various activities in the repair, maintenance, and rehabilitation of the physical facilities. 

c. Electro-Mechanical Works – ensures the fast, efficient and effective delivery of support services pertaining to electromechanical requirements of the school community. It oversees the general upkeep and maintenance of all electromechanical equipment, and takes the lead in implementing all established safety procedures on the use of the school’s electromechanical equipment. It also supervises the implementation of all special projects such as voice communication systems and CCTV. The outsourced electromechanical maintenance services for the generator sets, water pumps, security cameras, voice communication system, and aircon units are supervised by this sub-unit. 


The SSO ensures the safety and security of the school, its properties, the students, employees and school visitors with the assistance of a security agency commissioned by the school. An adequate number of security personnel provide assistance in traffic management and in maintaining order and safety inside and along the perimeter of the campus.

It initiates programs for Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Emergency Preparedness for the institution. It  serves as a liaison officer of the school to external agencies such as the barangay, the village association, and other government and non-government agencies. 

The office is also in charge of logistics and messengerial services. It implements established guidelines and procedures in regulating and monitoring the issuance of various IDs, stickers and passes for students, contractual personnel, fetchers and vehicles. It is likewise in-charge of documenting lost and found items and in safekeeping these surrendered items. Correspondences from outside institutions or other parties are also handled and distributed by this unit.