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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department (ASD) is tasked to oversee the efficient delivery of repairs and maintenance services needed by the members of the school community and other stakeholders of the school. It recommends to the President and the Operations Council the needed improvements in the existing school facilities and building structures and construction of additional facilties, if needed. It formulates policies and guidelines on the procurement and use of resources and creating programs to improve school workers’ skills, maintenance of physical facilities and buildings, traffic management and security.

The Director for Administrative Services acts as the lead administrator for these units. He oversees a broad range of services, from physical facilities repair and maintenance and security concerns. Overall, he ensures the efficient and effective delivery of administrative services in line with the overall goals and objectives of the institution.

The Administrative Services Department has three (3) units, namely;

  • Facilities and Environment Programs Management Office
  • Safety and Security Office
  • Campus Services Office

This office oversees the implementation of facilities construction activities which is an integrative part of the physical development plan of the school. It monitors the level of compliance of all contracted developers to the school’s development plan which corresponds to the needs of the school community and in consonance with the existing policies and guidelines of the community where the school is located.

The Head plans, implements and supervises the construction, upkeep, repair and maintenance of all physical facilities of the school.

The office is in charge of ensuring the fast, efficient and effective delivery of necessary support services pertaining to electromechanical requirements needed by the school community. It oversees the general upkeep and maintenance of all electromechanical equipment and supervises the implementation of all special projects such as voice communication system and CCTV. The outsourced electromechanical maintenance services for the school’s generator sets, water pumps, security cameras, voice communication system, and aircon units are likewise supervised by the head of this unit. The unit takes the lead in implementing all established safety procedures pertaining to the use of all the school’s electromechanical equipment including the preventive maintenance schedule of all equipment.

  • Safety and Security Office

The security of the school, its properties, the students, employees and school visitors are handled by a Security Agency commissioned by the school. An adequate number of security personnel provide assistance in maintaining order and safety inside and along the perimeter of the campus.

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