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DLSZ Seniors Baseball Team Wins Silver at 2024 PONY PALOMINO 19U Baseball League Asia Pacific Championships

Standing (L to R):  Coach Jay Moral, Rafael Aquino, Miguel Agoncillo, Andrei Valeros, Alejandro Bustamante, Aljun Tapia, Marco Tantuico, Coach Ricardo Jimenez

Kneeling (L to R): Inigo Reyes, Gerard Paulino, Alfonso Alcantara, Leohj Palanog, Miguel Paca, Jan Rein Soriano, Amadeus Trozado

The DLSZ Seniors Baseball Team has achieved an incredible milestone by securing 2nd place in the 2024 PONY PALOMINO 19U Baseball League Asia Pacific Championships. The event took place from June 25 to 29, 2024 at the Jakarta International Baseball Arena, Rawamangun, Jakarta.

This historic achievement marks the first time a high school team has represented the Philippines in the Asia Pacific Zone, and the first time the country has earned a silver medal in the 19U category. This remarkable accomplishment follows the team’s victory in the TOT Baseball League, which qualified them as the official representatives of the Philippines to the Asia Pacific Zone.

Here are the members of the team: 

Alfonso Alcantara (DLSZ 2026)

Miguel Agoncillo (DLSZ 2024) 

Rafael Santino Aquino (DLSZ 2024)

Alejandro Bustamante (DLSZ 2026)

Leohj Palanog (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2026) 

Joaquin Miguel Paca (DLSZ 2024) 

Marius Gerard Paulino  (DLSZ 2024) 

Iñigo Reyes (DLSZ 2024) 

Jan Rein Soriano (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2026) 

Marco Tantuico (DLSZ 2024)  

Aljun Tapia (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2026)

Amadeus Trozado (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2026)

Andrei Valeros (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2026)

“What makes this most special is that this is the final tournament that this team competed in. Six of the players have just graduated.  It was the team’s pride to carry the name, PHILIPPINES – DLSZ. We are truly proud of this achievement,” shared Dr. Jill Paca, DLSZ Baseball Team Manager.

Indeed, the team has made history, demonstrating exceptional skill, determination, and sportsmanship. Congratulations to the DLSZ Seniors Baseball Team, Coach Jay Moral, and Coach Ricardo Jimenez for this monumental achievement! Your hard work and dedication have brought pride and honor to our school and country. 

Animo Lasallian Leaders! 

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