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DLSZ Grade School Football Girls Team prevailed as champions in the 18th RIFA 2ND Phase 2014 Cup Division

from left – Althia Calista Sanchez, Lucia Cristina Tanjangco, Julia Rae Lim, Sophia Gabrielle Sarte. Madison Schwandt, Sakura Mori, Isla Noelle Laman, Isabella Louise Gonzalez, Emilia Reign Cheng, Madison Chloe Marquez
from left – Raya Louise Pili, Antonia Nicola Almeda, Alexis Jorolan, Rowan Isobel Hoey, Anika Soleia Dalit, Emilia Marie Buensalido, Aura Sangria Martinez, Cara Ava Litonjua and Coach Mai Mai Martinez
 from left: Sophia Ann Marasigan, Robyn Laine Nierras, Anna Lucia Singian, Skye Elouise Gonzales, Isla Francine Nazario, Ysabel Reese Perfecto, Sydney Adrienne Corpus and Coach Mai Martinez

DLSZ Grade School (GS) Football Girls (White Team) won their first championship title after coming on top of ten (10) other teams during the 2nd phase of the 18th RIFA Festival 2014 Division last February 24, 2024. 

It was their diligence and dedication that led them to the final score of 4–2 beating Woodrose in the final game. 

Additionally, the GS Football Girls (Green team) earned 2nd runner-up in the 2014 plate Division and 2nd runner-up for the 2010 Division- with half of the team from Grade School bravely stepping up.

Here’s the  line up:
White Team:

Emilia Reign Cheng (DLSZ 2034)

Isabella Louise Gonzalez (DLSZ 2034)

Isla Noelle Laman (DLSZ 2033)

Julia Rae Lim (DLSZ 2035)

Madison Chloe  Marquez (DLSZ 2035)

Sakura Mori (DLSZ 2032) – Most Valuable Player

Althia Calista Sanchez (DLSZ 2033)

Sophia Gabrielle Sarte (DLSZ 2032)

Madison Schwandt (DLSZ 2035) 

Lucia Cristina Tanjangco (DLSZ 2034)

Green Team:
Martine Regina Abelido (DLSZ 2035)

Antonia Nicola Almeda (DLSZ 2035)

Emilia Marie Buensalido (DLSZ 2035)

Anika Soleia Dalit (DLSZ 2032)

Rowan Isobel Hoey (DLSZ 2033)

Alexis Jorolan (DLSZ 2035)

Cara Ava Litonjua (DLSZ 2035)

Aura Sangria Martinez (DLSZ 2035)

Raya Louise Pili (DLSZ 2034)

Julianna Salvador (DLSZ 2033)

2010 Division:

Sydney Adrienne Corpus (DLSZ 2029)
Skye Elouise Gonzales (DLSZ 2030)
Asena Gurani (DLSZ 2028)
Sophia Ann Marasigan (DLSZ 2031)

Isla Francine Nazario (DLSZ 2029)

Robyn Laine Nierras (DLSZ 2032)

Ysabel Reese Perfecto (DLSZ 2032)

Sandra Romina Rodillo (DLSZ 2028)

Sancha Bella Scott (DLSZ 2028)

Anna Lucia Singian (DLSZ 2031)  

Congratulations, Coach Mai Martinez and the whole team. Animo La Salle!