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By: Ms. Ria Trillo

The DLSZ Volleyball Girls (Midgets and High School Division) team was crowned Champions at the WNCAA’s 54th Season Midgets and Juniors Division last December 3, 2023, at the San Beda College Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

DLSZ Volleyball Girls Midgets Division Team:  
(from left, 1st row): JTE Galimba, Matty Reyes, Vitaly Heraldo, Tiene Hsu, Mikee Isaac, Zyan Sonza, Ayen Cenizal
(2nd row): Maia Valdez, Kylie Celada, Frankie Taylor, Raqui Trillo, Belly Edralin, Yohan Rivera, Mica Mendoza, Moë Jimenez Jose

The Midgets team swept the Best of 3 Finals series against Assumption Antipolo in the Midgets division. The team exerted its dominance throughout the tournament, winning every single one of their games, and dropping just one set in their semifinals game against San Beda College. 

“Waking up extra early for morning training, arriving late at night after practice, and pushing themselves even more during additional practice days, amidst busy academic schedules was all worth it,” team manager, Ms. Anthea Isaac shares.

Congratulations to these young Lasallians on a well-deserved win in their first major league. 

The team comprises of the following players:

Andi Ayessa  Cenizal (DLSZ 2030) 

Jte Galimba  (DLSZ 2030)

Sienna Gabryelle Sonza (DLSZ 2030) 

Moana Jose  (DLSZ 2029) 

Angelica Carla  Mendoza  (DLSZ 2030) 

Yohan Danielle Rivera (DLSZ 2029)

Kylie Rianzhel Celada (DLSZ 2030) – Mythical Player: MVP and Best Spiker 

Raquel Beatriz Trillo (DLSZ 2029) 

Mikaela Althea Isaac (DLSZ 2028)– Mythical Player: Best Receiver 

Makayla Antoinette Reyes(DLSZ 2028)

Ysabella Lily Edralin (DLSZ 2028) 

Vitaly McKenzie Heraldo (DLSZ  2028) 

Jashtiene Hsu (DLSZ 2028) – Mythical Player: Best Blocker

Maia Valdez (DLSZ 2028)

Francia Ayessa Taylor (DLSZ 2028)

DLSZ Volleyball Girls High School Division Team:
(from left, 1st row, holding the banner): Lexie Azarcon and Andi Ayessa Cenizal
(2nd row): Sabine Valdez , Sam Marzan, Zofie Limpot, Marga Tanada, Aislinn
Alemana, Julienne Mindanao, Tessa Bonafe, Kat Tria,  Ysa Gamboa, Julia Andres, Riane Gonzales Cortez
(3rd row): Sam Tagalog, Erin Sotto

The team also won their 6th straight championship against Chiang Kai Shek College. The High School Girls team was able to bag the Championship title in a 4-set game. Despite having challenges of overlapping schedules with other leagues and playing a few matches with missing players, the girls were able to push through and win all their games only losing one (1) set of the twenty-three (23) to Chiang Kai Shek College during the first (1st) game of the Finals.

This 6-peat championship team was spearheaded by Head Coach Jeremiah Monreal, Assistant Coach Justin Alonzo & PT Shirmaine Villafria. 

The team comprises of the following:

Riane Gonzales Cortez (DLSZ 2024) – Mythical Player: MVP and Best Spiker

Ysa Gamboa (DLSZ 2024) – Mythical Player: Best Blocker

Julia Andres (DLSZ 2024)

Kat Tria (DLSZ 2024)

Julienne Mindanao (DLSZ 2025)

Marga Tañada (DLSZ 2025)

Sam Marzan (DLSZ 2026) – Mythical Player: Best Receiver 

Angel Cenizal (DLSZ 2026)

Tessa Bonafe (DLSZ 2026)

Sabine Valdez (DLSZ 2026)

Sam Tagalog (DLSZ 2026)

Lexie Azarcon (DLSZ 2026)

Aislinn Alemana (DLSZ 2027)

Zofi Limpot (DLSZ 2028)

Erin Sotto (DLSZ 2028)

“You can see from their eyes talagang gustong manalo ng mga bata, pinakita nila ang kanilang puso at sobrang saya namin na nanalo kami” according to Coach Jeremiah Monreal and Coach Justin Alonzo. 

Without WNCAA Seasons 51, 52, and 53, Season 54 seemed to be a nice welcome to these young athletes after the pandemic. 

Animo La Salle!