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The Art of Music: A French Horn Masterclass

By: Aiesha Aila Alvarez, Grade 10

Music is an art all around us, for some, it is their passion, inspiration, and motivation. Music for me, it’s something that makes me happy, a hobby that I very much enjoy pursuing. Over the past few years, it has taught me many values like discipline and cooperation and I was able to experience all of it again.

On August 9, 2023, I attended a French horn Masterclass at the Manila Symphony Orchestra Recital Hall in Makati City. The masterclass was organized by the Philippine Hornplayers Society and hosted by Mr. Evan Young, a French horn player from New York, USA. During the masterclass, It was a very insightful experience since I was surrounded by passionate musicians who shared the same interests as me, and who had to go through the same struggles and challenges to reach their level in their instrument. I learned about the different ways I can improve the playing of my instrument – making it more whole and producing a better sound and some tips on how I can broaden my knowledge about music even more. I was able to hear others play solo, and even though I did not, the advice Mr. Evan gave was still very helpful. I was amazed to see so many French horn players and all of them were so talented and skilled. It was such an excellent experience to hear all these talented people play and know that one day if I work hard enough, I can achieve the same achievements as them. 

Mr. Evan Young, a French horn player from New York, USA facilitated the workshop with the masterclass 
Photo Credit: Mr. Linwell Lalic

Overall, the masterclass was a very good experience for me to broaden my knowledge of the spectrum of music, and I am very grateful to be able to attend it. 

Thanks also to my music teacher, Mr. Linwell Lalic for this opportunity!