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DLSZ Junior Tankers (Girls) Claims 6-Peat WNCAA Season ‘53 Championship

From left:  Qaantreulle Light Wangkay, Amielle Anika Eugenio, Anja Francine Ignacio, Ayena Jed Calvario, Una Amaris Enriquez, Coach Garry Domingo, Ysabella Jean Alcazar, Arianna Maria Carandang, Ira Mae Ong Amboy

The DLSZ Junior Tankers made history in the WNCAA Season ’53 when they claimed their 6-Peat Swimming Championship in the Juniors Division last May 7, 2023. The DLSZ Girls Team Score was a total of 163.5.

This year’s eight (8) swimmers fought hard and strong, from 18 swimmers last season, to bring home the trophy – a true testament to the team’s courage, grit, and hard work.

The DLSZ Junior Tankers (Girls) Team are:

  • Ysabella Jean Alcazar (DLSZ 2025)
  • Ayena Jed Calvario (DLSZ 2023)
  • Arianna Maria Carandang (DLSZ 2027)
  • Una Amaris Enriquez (DLSZ 2024)
  • Amielle Anika Eugenio (DLSZ 2028)
  • Anja Francine Ignacio (DLSZ 2028)
  • Ira Mae Ong Amboy (DLSZ 2028)
  • Qaantreulle Light Wangkay (DLSZ 2025)

Congratulations to Coach Garry Domingo and the entire team! Let’s continue to embody the spirit of sportsmanship!

Animo La Salle!