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DLSZ Robotics Elite Team presents robots in the 10th De La Salle Innovation and Technology Fair 2023

The DLSZ Robots on display: Smart Tram, S.A.F.E, Tac Tech Al, DiY Kit – Pepito

The students also participated in a panel discussion on the different Robotics innovations and Robotics as a useful tool not just for learning but also to promote inclusivity, creativity, and sustainability together with Dr. Genevieve Pillar, Vice Principal for Academics and DLSZ Robotics Faculty.

From left: Dr. Genevieve Pillar, Eddrian Costes, Eddrich Costes, Bernardo Isaiah Escalona III, Reese Riley Albano, and Mr. Norlito Bautista

From left: Atty. Christopher Cruz, Ph.D.,  Reese Riley Albano, Eddrian Costes , Eddrich Costes, and Mr. Dennis Patiño

From left: Eddrian Costes, Eddrich Costes, and Reese Riley Albano

From left to right: Mr. Norlito Bautista, Mr. Mark Denver Bernardo, Ms. Jumila Rose Montaño, Joedi Costes, Eddrian Costes, Eddrich Costes, Reese Riley Albano, Ms. Meranel Albano, Ms. Joy Costes, Ms. Rica Marie Paming, and Mr. Are Jay John Casicas 

Photo Credit: Ms. Meranel Albano

The DLSZ Robotics Elite Team showcased their world-recognized robots: S.A.F.E, Smart Tram, Pepito – DIY Kit, and Tac Tech Al at the 10th De La Salle Innovation and Technology Fair (DiTech) 2023 entitled, “Women, Youth, and Indigenous Peoples: Towards Inclusivity in Innovation, Creativity, and Sustainability” last April 26 – 28, 2023 at De La Salle University in Manila. 

The students also received the People’s Choice Award at the pitch-in competition, wherein they received the highest votes from the visitors and the crowd’s favorite Robot Innovation. 

Kudos to the DLSZ Robotics Elite Team!