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DLSZ High School Girls Volleyball team reigns as 53rd WNCAA Champion

(1st row, from left) Juliene Daiz Mindanao, Aislinn Alemaña, Annika Ezra Piñosa, Lorien Ysobel Gamboa, Elina Katrice De Los Santos, Malia Jose, and Maria Katarina Tria

(2nd row, from left) Coach Justin Alonzo, Riane Ashley Cortez, Joelle Denise Almuete, Samarah Gillian Marzan, Arianne Zofia Limpot, Maria Sabine Mikaela Valdez, Anastacia Faye Santos, Ashley Louise Domdom, Julia Samantha Andres, Coach Jeremiah Monreal and PT Shirmaine Villafria

By Priya Abelar (DLSZ 2025) 

The DLSZ High School Girls Volleyball team triumphantly sealed their place in sports history after winning their fifth straight championship in the 53rd Women’s National Collegiate Athletics Association (WNCAA) Juniors Division! Reigning victorious with a sweep of all their games from eliminations to the finals—without a single set loss–the championship game with a score of 25-12, 25-13, and 26-24 against Miriam College last March 26, 2023, at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Manila.

Congratulations to the following student-athletes:

Aislinn Alemaña (DLSZ 2027)

Julia Samantha Andres (DLSZ 2024)

Joelle Denise Almuete  (DLSZ 2023)

Riane Ashley Cortez (DLSZ 2024) – Best Blocker and Mythical Six

Elina Katrice De Los Santos (DLSZ 2025)

Ashley Louise Domdom (DLSZ 2023)

Lorien Ysobel Gamboa (DLSZ 2023) – Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Mythical Six

Malia Jose (DLSZ 2026)

Arianne Zofia Limpot (DLSZ 2028) 

Samarah Gillian Marzan (DLSZ 2026) – Best Spiker and Mythical Six

Juliene Daiz Mindanao (DLSZ 2025)

Anastacia Faye Santos (DLSZ 2025)

Annika Ezra Piñosa (DLSZ 2023) – Best Digger and Mythical Six

Maria Katarina Tria (DLSZ 2024)

Maria Sabine Mikaela Valdez (DLSZ 2026)

The DLSZ High School Girls Volleyball Team has been the overall champion in the WNCAA since 2016. There were no WNCAA volleyball games held in 2020-2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This 5-peat championship team was made possible through the superb coaching and strategy of Head Coach Jeremiah Monreal and Assistant Coach Justin Alonzo.

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