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DLSZ Midgets F Football team bags RIFA U9 Championship

From left, 1st row: 1. Alonso Iñaki Fernando, 2. Sophia Gabrielle Sarte, 3. Sebastian Timothy Sarmiento, 4. Gregory Daniel Bocobo, 5. Calix Nereo Reyes

2nd row: Ishitaro Mori, 1. Marcus Luis O. Gutierrez, 2. Sakura B. Mori, 3. Marcus Liam C. Marquez, 4. Brandon Lucas L. Paulino, 5. Coach Eric Sardou Yosse

From left to right: 1. Coach Eric Sardou Yosse, 2. Alonso Iñaki Fernando, 3. Marcus Luis Gutierrez, 4. Sophia Gabrielle Sarte, 5. Sebastian Timothy Sarmiento, 6. Sakura Mori, 7. Brandon Lucas Paulino, 8. Gregory Daniel Bocobo, 9. Marcus Liam Marquez, 10. Calix Nereo  Reyes and Ishitaro Mori

*Not in the picture: Jose Gabrio Buensalido, Faustino Miguel Dy IV, Isla Noelle Laman

[Updated] Congratulations to the DLSZ Midgets F Football team for bagging the RIFA U9 Championship with a score of 1-0 against the team from Claret School of Quezon City last April 22, 2023

It was a victorious win for the Lasallian student-athletes as they came out strong from 7th place in the quarter-finals with a score of 4-3 via penalty kicks against the Blue Eagles-A. The DLSZ Midgets F Football advanced to the semi-finals with a 2-1 score via penalty kicks against Southridge-A.

Below are the members of the team:

Jose Gabrio Buensalido (DLSZ 2033)

Gregory Daniel Bocobo (DLSZ 2032) 

Faustino Miguel Dy IV (DLSZ 2033)

Alonso Iñaki  Fernando (DLSZ 2033) 

Marcus Luis Gutierrez (DLSZ 2033) 

Isla Noelle Laman (DLSZ 2033) 

Marcus Liam Marquez (DLSZ 2032) 

Sakura Mori (DLSZ 2032) 

Brandon Lucas Paulino  (DLSZ 2032) 

Calix Nereo Reyes (DLSZ 2034) 

Sebastian Timothy Sarmiento (DLSZ 2033) 

Sophia Gabrielle Sarte (DLSZ 2032) 

Kudos to Coach Eric Sardou Yosse and UAAP Football player, Ishitaro Mori (DLSZ 2023) who assisted the team. Animo La Salle!

*as of April 28, 2023, 4:25 PM