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IKIGAI: The Next Chapter of Art

Written by: Maria Sonata Q. Rufin (DLSZ 2022)

Illustration and poster by: Allegria Marie A. Arroyo (DLSZ 2022) & Danielle Louise M. Bongat (DLSZ 2022)

The bridge to a student’s internal, artistic mind is about to open with the arrival of IKIGAI: The Next Chapter of Art. The Arts & Design Grade 12 proudly brings to the public the 3rd Graduation Exhibit showcasing different forms, skills, and craftsmanship of Batch 2022. From the Japanese word, Ikigai, meaning reason for being or life’s purpose, the exhibit allows viewers to witness the students’ life-worth through their creations.

IKIGAI: The Next Chapter of Art is a collaborative project between the student architects, interior designers, fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, and their mentors in the same field of art. In relation, the themes of the different artworks will feature solutions to some of the country’s struggles, alongside different student-based methods of contributing to the solutions. Such as, in the film strand’s short film Time Will Tell, a girl named Blessica discovers a mysterious meeting link that invites her to a call with otherworldly versions of herself. 

The current pandemic may have limited people’s mobility and  freedom, but these students-artists have decided that their exquisite powers are not to be subdued. On February 2, 2022, at 4:00 PM the premiere release of the project will be via the Paraluman YouTube Channel and the DLSZ HS SRCC Facebook page, alongside the research papers and articles featured via the Sambotani. Utilizing what they have learned during their classes of Creative Industries I-II and Apprenticeship and Exploration of Different Art Fields I-II under the supervision of Mr. Marlon Fernandez  with the combined efforts and hard work of Mr. Rolando Badocdoc Jr, Ms. Liz Palaña, and Ms. Catherine Rañola for the completion of the arts-based research of the class all came together in the hope of  bringing benefits to different stakeholders.

The following products and their corresponding papers will be presented in the exhibit:

Check out the Paraluman YouTube Channel and the DLSZ HS SRCC Facebook page for more details about the IKIGAI ArtSteps Virtual Museum!