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A&D 2022 presents HIRAYA: Reimagining Philippine Mythology

Written by: Emma Nicole Rivera (DLSZ 2022)

The Grade 11 students of Arts and Design Track proudly presents HIRAYA, a virtual exhibition of artworks inspired by Philippine mythology. The art production will include art pieces from various visual art forms such as visual illustration, 2D animation, literature, architecture & interior design, fashion, graphic arts, and film. 

Philippine mythology has gone largely underappreciated as most Filipinos know more about foreign mythologies than their own. This art production aims to promote Filipino myths and folklores through the launching of an online page that will consist of animations, character and environment designs, and literary works. The program also showcases the art production vlogs of the student artists in preparation for the launching of the online exhibit. 

The online visual art exhibit will be available on the World Anvil website and will be launched in a program on April 8, 2020 at 9:00 am via livestream on the HS SRCC Facebook Page. You may visit the HIRAYA webpage by clicking here.

We hope to see you at HIRAYA!