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Advisory on AAVA Sticker with RFID Tags

Please be advised that endorsement for AAVA sticker application shall officially start on July 3, 2019, as previously announced. Forms are available at Safety and Security Office (SSO).

Important Notes:

1. Though endorsements will be processed in SSO anytime starting July 3, 2019, AAVA shall strictly implement the scheduled acceptance, processing, and issuance of stickers with RFID tags (for school endorsements/non-residents) on FRIDAYS only.

2. Per advisory and practice, we shall prioritize endorsements for Carpoolers and special stickers. Classified Special are employees, those with children in Pre-K & Kinder, and those students with medical, security and custodial cases.

3. We shall await for AAVA’s announcement as to when we may start endorsing for Outliers (neither employees nor special cases).

Please see the letter below: