The DLSZ Community warmly welcomes our visitors from De La Salle Mangere New Zealand on December 10 – 14, 2017 headed by Mr. Dermot English, Deputy Principal.

Now on its third year, the Service Learning Experience of the visiting delegates aims to fortify the Lasallian ministry and mission of the partner institution through the multifarious activities such as outreach and cultural programs prepared by DLSZ.

The following are the members of De La Salle Mangere New Zealand:

  1. Dermot English – Deputy Principal
  2. Ben Curtis – History Teacher
  3. Meghan Ashford – Chemistry Teacher
  4. Ashley Carr           – Teacher
  5. Hazzerana Pupuali’I
  6. Jason Eteru
  7. Eric Johansson
  8. Tevita Vaihu
  9. Mafua Matapula
  10. Cassius Felise
  11. Daniel Mea’ole-Naea
  12. Xavier Fa’asolo
  13. Jordan Khan
  14. Tyson Pula
  15. Leroy Filia
  16. Michael Chu-Shing
  17. Mariner Fagaiava-Muller
  18. Anton Haines
  19. Sepi Peo
  20. Crichton Crichton
  21. Issac Iona
  22. Ethan Leupepetele-Masini

The Lasallian Formation and Mission Department composed of the following offices: Campus Ministry Office, Cultural Affairs Office, School Counseling Office, Social Action Office, Student Clubs and Activities Office, and selected officers of High School and Br. Rafael Donato FSC Night High School (BRafeNHS) Student Representative Coordinating Councils prepared the programs and activities of the visitors.

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