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Written by:Gabriel Alfonso Suarez (DLSZ 2019)
Our very own United South Floorball Club-Zobel won 3-2 against North QC FC in the battle for 3rd game in 5th Season of the Philippine Floorball League U17 Division. Taking place in the College of Human Kinetics gym at the University of the Philippines last December 2, 2017. The team is under Head Coach Jay-R Beterbo as well as Assistant Coaches, Coach Gerald Rabanzo, Coach Ferdinan Buenaventura, Coach Joemar Tandoc, and Coach Eris Victoriano.
Two students have also won awards for the “Mythical Six”

  • Elonzo Miguel Ines (DLSZ 2020) – Best Center
  • Raemon Joshua Dancalan (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2021) – Best Goal Keeper

The team is composed of the following members:

  • Kristin Adrianne Ampong (DLSZ 2020)
  • Honore Mabilangan (DLSZ 2020)
  • Miro Manuel Hernande (DLSZ 2020)
  • Reilly Kristian Del Mundo (DLSZ 2020)
  • Kim Allen Acosta (DLSZ 2020)
  • Karylle Alyssa Santos (DLSZ 2020)
  • Elonzo Miguel Ines (DLSZ 2020)
  • Antonio Miguel Imperial (DLSZ 2020)
  • Angelo Gabriel Concepcion (DLSZ 2019)
  • Mathew Adrian Ranjo (DLSZ 2020)
  • Jose Gabriel De Guzman (DLSZ 2020)
  • Gabriel Alfonso Suarez (DLSZ 2019)
  • Nathan Joshua Dimayuga (DLSZ 2022)
  • Ian Louis Fadrillan (DLSZ 2021)
  • Ansbert Joseph Co (DLSZ 2021)
  • Jose Fernando Mercado (DLSZ 2021)
  • Dean Raphael Alejandro Manuel (DLSZ 2020)
  • Sophie Marie Rendon (DLSZ 2020)
  • Andre Joshua Co (DLSZ 2023)
  • Miguel Lorenzo Lopez (DLSZ 2020)
  • Ramon Miguel Yee (DLSZ 2020)
  • Paolo Lorenzo Tugas (DLSZ 2020)

The team also dedicated the game and their win to David Cabero, their fellow Lasallian who passed away last November 29, 2017.
This is a special sports program offered by the physical education unit and students clubs and activity office.
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