Mr. Symbol Fabellon, Mr. Daniel Encinas & Mr. Paulo Lopez are Microsoft Certified Educators

Mr. Symbol Fabellon, High School Science Teacher, Mr. Daniel Carlos Encinas, High School English Teacher, and Mr. Juan Paulo Lopez, BRafeNHS Computer Technology Teacher, have passed and are now duly certified Microsoft Certified Educators.

The teachers took the examination last July 8, 2017 at the Asia Pacific College. Mr. Symbol, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Paulo were nominated by their respective subject area coordinators “based on their technology proficiency and application of Blended Learning Models in their line of expertise.”

The Microsoft Certified Educator Examination is a global validating examination focused on providing rich technology literacy to students.  This is mapped along the UNESCO ICT Framework centered on 6 key competencies namely:
  • Education policy
  • Curriculum and assessment
  • Pedagogy
  • ICT/technology tools
  • Organisation and administration
  • Professional development


According to Ms. Emelita Baylon, High School Educational Technology Unit Coordinator and Microsoft Certified Educator, this examination is a comprehensive battery of examination hence passing this examination confirms the technology proficiency and competitiveness of the recipient.

Congratulations, teachers! Animo La Salle!