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Scholarships for Children of Military Personnel

Pursuant to PD 577 and PD 1687, the school shall be granting scholarships to children of military personnel as stipulated below:

Presidential Decree 577 (PD 577) Scholarship – For any one child of military personnel who has died or was incapacitated in the line of duty.

Presidential Decree 1687 (PD 1687) Scholarship – For any one child of military personnel who has been awarded a medal of valor.


For the student to be qualified for this scholarship, he/she must meet the following criteria:

  1. a child of military personnel who died or incapacitated in the line of duty or; has received a medal of valor that should be supported by relevant legal documents (only 1 child at a time is eligible)
  2. Have passed the DLSZ entrance examination and admission
  3. Grade Requirements:

3.1. Have a General Weighted Average of 85% or above with no grade lower than 80% in any subject, and in any term

3.2. have a conduct/homeroom/club activity grade of at least B (80-84) in every term

Application Procedure:

Reminder: The SFAPs Committee will only process scholarship applications made online.

  1. Log-in to DLSZ Family Portal to access the online application form.
  2. Fill out the online application form and click “Submit”. You must receive an email containing confirmation of submission and further instructions to pursue the application. If you do not receive the confirmation email, kindly email
  3. Upload the following required documents:
    • Copy of the student’s current report card
    • DLSZ entrance exam result with passing mark
    • Letter of Intent by Parent/Guardians of the Applicant
    • Supporting documents like death certificate of parent or certificate of permanent disability, or a copy of the medal of valor with endorsement from the Military Authorities
    • Good moral certificate endorsed by the school principal
    • one 2×2 photo (for new applicants only)