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Br. Rafael Donato FSC Leadership Scholarship

The Br. Rafael Donato FSC Leadership Scholarship is open to incoming Grade 9 – Grade 12 students who manifest exceptional leadership abilities and active community service.


For the student to be qualified for this scholarship, he/she must meet the following criteria:

  1. must have at least one-year residency in De La Salle Santiago Zobel School
  2. an active officer of the Student Representative Coordinating Council (SRCC) or an active officer of any recognized club or co-curricular/extra-curricular Organization
  1. have actively participated in any of the recognized student and volunteer organizations in the campus for at least two (2) school years which can be supported by documented activities, certificates of participation/appreciation moderator’s recommendation, or other proof of active involvement
  2. Grade Requirements:

4.1. have a General Weighted Average of at least 85% with no final grade lower than 83% and no grade below 80% in any subject and in any term

4.2. have a conduct/homeroom/club activity grade of at least B (80-84) in every term

    5. A high recommendation from the organization adviser/club moderator      and an endorsement from the Students and Club Activities Office Head 

Application Procedure:

Reminder: The SFAPs Committee will only process scholarship applications made online.    

1. Log-in to DLSZ Family Portal to access the online application form.

2. Fill out the online application form and click “Submit”. You must receive an email containing confirmation of submission and further instructions to pursue the application. If you do not receive the confirmation email, kindly email

3. Upload the following required documents:

  • Copy of student’s current report card
  • Letter of Intent by Parent/Guardian/Applicant containing the student’s list of participation in the organization or activities he/she headed
  • Written recommendation from the Organization Adviser/Club Moderator duly endorsed by the Student Clubs & Activities Office Head (to be processed internally by the Scholarship Office)
  • one 2×2 photo (for new applicants only)

NOTE: Failure to actively participate in his/her organization as validated by the moderator, he/she will lose the scholarship and will be required to reimburse the tuition discount given pro-rated or in full.