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[Updated] DLSZ Animo Squad Shines at the 2024 ICU Junior All Girl Advanced Division

From left, 1st row: Monica Dela Cruz, Ally Gantioqui, Bella Reyes, Jeal Borro, Sammy Santiago, Mohan Tong, Kate Aribon
2nd row: Julia Abalos, Arhian Viernes, Dana Camua, Aleeyah Naniong, Anya Feraren, Andrea Naniong, Ella Tamayo
3rd row: Micah Parial, Sam Maranan, Juliana De Vera, Zoey San Luis, Gabie Geronimo, Anita Muñoz, Yana Bichara, Sophia Oviedo,  Zoe Geronimo, Fhrizia Mercado

The DLSZ Animo Squad proudly represented Team Pilipinas in the 2024 International Cheer Union (ICU) Junior World & World Cheerleading Championship, held from April 24-26, 2024, at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida. Competing in the final Junior All Girl Advanced Division, the team achieved an impressive 6th place ranking.

The journey to the world stage was no easy feat, with the DLSZ Animo Squad facing off against some of the strongest teams from around the globe. Despite the challenges, they rose to the occasion, showcasing their sharpest moves, flawless tosses, and outstanding pyramid formations. Their dedication, hard work, and exceptional performance were evident throughout the event, earning them recognition and admiration on the world stage.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for DLSZ, as they made history by representing the country for the first time in this prestigious international competition. The entire experience will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of the team members, coaches, and supporters as a testament to their hard work, passion, and commitment to excellence.

Heartfelt congratulations to the DLSZ Animo Squad for their outstanding performance and unwavering determination! Special recognition goes to their dedicated coaches – Andro Garde, Lester Go, Celine Tanjuatco, and Gabby Bajacan – whose exceptional support and guidance were instrumental in the squad’s success.

Team Pilipinas – DLSZ Animo Squad:

  1. Julia Felicia Abalos (DLSZ 2026)
  2. Katelyn Gail Aribon (DLSZ 2025)
  3. Eliana Bichara (DLSZ 2025)
  4. Jeal Alexia Borro (DLSZ 2028)
  5. Dana Evana Alisha Camua (DLSZ 2024)
  6. Monica I. Dela Cruz (DLSZ 2024)
  7. Juliana De Vera (DLSZ 2025)
  8. Anya Mikhel Feraren (DLSZ 2025)
  9. Alyssa Marella Gantioqui (DLSZ 2026)
  10. Isabelle Geronimo (DLSZ 2026)
  11. Gabrielle Geronimo (DLSZ 2024) – Captain
  12. Samantha Marie Maranan (DLSZ 2027)
  13. Fhristiansen Gayle Mercado (DLSZ 2026)
  14. Anita-Mariel Munoz (DLSZ 2024) – Co-Captain
  15. Andrea Jhanelle Naniong (DLSZ 2024)
  16. Aleeyah Louise Naniong (DLSZ 2025)
  17. Sophia Gabrielle Oviedo (DLSZ 2027)
  18. Jaimee Micah Parial (DLSZ 2027)
  19. Isabella Marie Reyes (DLSZ 2027)
  20. Jaimie Zuri San Luis (DLSZ 2025) – Secretary
  21. Samantha Dominique Santiago (DLSZ 2025)
  22. Antonia Rafaela Tamayo (DLSZ 2024)
  23. Mohan Isabelle Tong (DLSZ 2027)
  24. Arhian Charisa Klark Viernes (DLSZ 2024)

Animo Lasallian Leaders!


*as of July 5, 2024