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L to R, 1st row: Marco Sebastian Castro, Johan Marcus Santos, Markus Timothy Belleza, Iñigo Sebastian Ricardo, Kristof Aviel Lu, Jacqueline Marie Guevara, Gavin Isaiah Gacusan, Iñigo Matteo Bautista, John Victor Guevara, Lucas Aldave
2nd row: Elisha John Campos Capule, Janina Isabella Cordero, Gabriel Subion, Althea Felice Pagilagan, Joedi Costes , Allen Tobey Mateo Abrojena, Andrea Ancheta , Ava Calaquian, Aloysius Eitan Adoremus
3rd row:  Francesca Violet Icay, Dylan Markus Ac-Ac , Jacob Enrico De Jesus, Taeho Lee, Enzo Enriquez, Enrique Ilas, Julia Bernadette Cruz, Kaitlin Alingarog, Dylan Centeno
4th row: Aldrei Carlo Hizon, Ibarra Lee Coro, Kenzie Ong, Jacob Bernas, Enrique Alonso Pioquinto, Matthew Roallos

Armed with their Mathematical brilliance and skills, DLSZ’s Goals for Excellence in Mathematics (GEM) Program  bagged 47 medals in different international competitions during the second half of the Academic Year 2023-2024. 

Congratulations to the following GEM students who participated and won in the following International Math competitions: 

Guangdong-Hongkong Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (FINAL ROUND)

Date: March 16, 2024

Kristof Aviel Lu (DLSZ 2035) – Silver

Aloysius Eitan Adoremus (DLSZ 2032) – Bronze

Iñigo Matteo Bautista (DLSZ 2033) – Bronze

Ava Calaquian (DLSZ 2031) – Bronze

Gavin Isaiah Gacusan (DLSZ 2035) – Bronze

Taeho Lee (DLSZ 2027) – Bronze

New Century Hope Cup Math Invitational Cup

Date: January 27, 2024

Gavin Isaiah Gacusan (DLSZ 2035) – Gold

Jacqueline Marie Guevara (DLSZ 2033) – Gold

Johan Marcus Santos (DLSZ 2035) – Silver

Gabriel Subion (DLSZ 2034) – Silver

Iñigo Matteo Bautista (DLSZ 2033) – Silver

Dylan Markus Ac-Ac (DLSZ 2032) – Bronze

Lucas Aldave (DLSZ 2030) – Bronze

Markus Timothy Belleza (DLSZ 2032) – Bronze

Elisha John Capule (DLSZ 2028) – Bronze

Marco Sebastian Castro (DLSZ 2035) – Bronze

Kristof Aviel Don Lu (DLSZ 2035) – Bronze

John Victor Guevara (DLSZ 2031) – Bronze

Taeho Lee (DLSZ 2027) – Bronze

Kenzie Timothy Ong (DLSZ 2029) – Bronze

Althea Felice Pagilagan (DLSZ 2030) – Bronze

Iñigo Sebastian Ricardo (DLSZ 2035) – Bronze

Matthew Angelo Roallos (DLSZ 2027) – Bronze

Living Math Olympiad

Date: January 24, 2024

Taeho Lee (DLSZ 2027) – Gold

Kristof Aviel Lu (DLSZ 2035) – Gold

Kaitlin Phoebe Alingarog – Silver

Andrea Ancheta – Silver

Ibarra Lee Coro – Silver

Enzo Gabriel Enriquez – Silver

Gavin Isaiah Gacusan – Silver

Aldrei Carlo Hizon – Silver

Iñigo Sebastian Ricardo – Silver

Matthew Angelo C. Roallos – Silver

Johan Marcus Santos – Silver

Markus Dylan Ac-Ac (DLSZ 2032) – Bronze

Iñigo Matteo Bautista (DLSZ 2033) – Bronze

Marco Sebastian Castro (DLSZ 2035)-  Bronze

Dylan Centeno (DLSZ 2027) – Bronze

Janina Isabella Cordero (DLSZ 2034) – Bronze

Jacob Enrico De Jesus (DLSZ 2027) – Bronze

Enrique Armando Ilas (DLSZ 2027) – Bronze

Fermat Math Olympiad (FMO)

Date: January 20, 2024

Allen Tobey Mateo Abrojena (DLSZ 2030) – Bronze

American Math Olympiad (AMO)

Date: November 4, 2023

Jacob Bernas (DLSZ 2026) – Silver

Julia Cruz (DLSZ 2026) – Bronze

Southeast Asia Mathematical Olympiad

Date: October 22, 2023

Marco Sebastian Castro (DLSZ 2035)  – Bronze

Asia Mathematics Olympics

Date: October 8, 2023

Jacob Bernas (DLSZ 2026) – Silver

Allen Tobey Mateo Abrojena (DLSZ 2030) – Bronze

Amidst fierce competition on the international stage, these Mathletes showed the Animo spirit through their unwavering dedication and passion to hone their skills. This achievement was made possible through the guidance of our GEM coaches: Ms. Maricar Berongoy, Mr. Gerard Crisologo, Ms. Julienne Fresnido, and Mr. Charles Alamo.

With the continuous support of the DLSZ community, our Mathletes, through the Goals for Excellence in Mathematics program, will continue to train and win in the incoming math competitions and leave a mark in the world of Mathematics. 

Hats off to everyone! Animo La Salle!