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[Updated] More slots available: DLSZ-Power Mac Center’s Digital Camp 2024

Slots are still OPEN!

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Upcoming Dates:
✅ iPad Art Adventures (May 29 and June 1)
✅ iPad Animation (March 13 and 16)
✅ 3D Art on Mac (March 20 and 23)
✅ Canva Graphics on Mac (April 3 and 6)
✅ Code and Create on Mac (May 15 and 18)

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Power Mac’s digital camp is an educational program designed to assist students in learning and developing new skills across a wide range of topics in a face-to-face setting. The primary objective of a digital camp is to provide DLSZ students with an engaging and enjoyable learning experience that encourages the exploration of new areas, enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and fosters confidence in a supportive environment.

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