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(Updated) DLSZ Grade School Football Team bags Title for PRISAA 2024 and Muntinlupa Division Meet!

From left, first row: Marco Santino Knust, Maximo Jacob Villavicencio, Mauro Begre, Luis Madrid, Sebastian Timothy Sarmiento, Keith Zachary David, Gregory Daniel Bocobo, Jose Mateo Cadiena
second row: Ragnar Lionel Buser, Rolando Raphael Belmonte, Matteo Adam Jimenez, Gavin Santino Knust, Montrel Inaki Villon, Teddy Spencer Wilson, Luke Slough, Miguel Inigo Villon, Luis Lopez, Alexander Duke Sarmiento, Coach Mehdi Soltani

Congratulations to the DLSZ Grade School (GS) Football Team for winning over Southridge School (SR) in the 2024 PRISAA Championship held last February 5, 2024, at the Southridge Football Field, Muntinlupa City.

It was a come-from-behind victory as Southridge led 1-0 at the end of the first half.  The final score was DLSZ (2) – SR (1). The winning goals were from Alexander Duke Sarmiento (DLSZ 2030) and Ragnar Lionel Buser (DLSZ 2031). This is the second consecutive year that the DLSZ GS Football Team won PRISAA, as it tries to emulate the 2023 GS Football Team’s successful campaign in the Palarong Pambansa.  

Moreover, the team was declared as Champion in the Muntinlupa Division Meet last February 16, 2024, beating Itaas Elementary School. The DLSZ GS Football Team will be representing Muntinlupa in the NCR Regional Meet.

The team is composed of the following: 

Mauro Begre (DLSZ 2032)

Rolando Raphael Belmonte (DLSZ 2031)

Gregory Daniel Bocobo (DLSZ 2032)

Ragnar Lionel Buser (DLSZ 2031)

Jose Mateo Cadiena (DLSZ 2031)

Keith Zachary David (DLSZ 2032)

Matteo Adam Jimenez (DLSZ 2031)

Gavin Santino Knust (DLSZ 2030)

Marco Santino Knust (DLSZ 2031)

Luis Lopez (DLSZ 2030)

Luis Madrid (DLSZ 2031)

Alexander Duke Sarmiento (DLSZ 2030)

Sebastian Timothy Sarmiento (DLSZ 2033)

Luke Slough (DLSZ 2031)

Maximo Jacob Villavicencio (DLSZ 2030)

Montrel Inaki Villon (DLSZ 2031)

Miguel Inigo Villon (DLSZ 2031)

Teddy Spencer Wilson (DLSZ 2030)

Head Coach: Mehdi Kh. Soltani

Assistant Coach: Baba Sampana

Well done to the players, coaches, and our dedicated parents! 


*as of February 19, 2024