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De La Salle Santiago School Emerges as Champions at BETT ASIA- School Challenge 2023, October 4-5

By: Mr. Jholan Torres, Computer Technology Unit Head

Five (5) De La Salle Santiago Zobel (DLSZ) High School Students emerged as the BETT ASIA School Challenge Champion last October 4-5, 2023 at Athenee Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.  

Bett Asia School Challenge Trophy:

 The “Green Lasallians” team is comprised of Bernardo Isaiah Escalona III (DLSZ 2028), Eddrich Costes (DLSZ 2028), Reese Railey (DLSZ 2027), Joedi Costes (DLSZ 2026), and Mary Janiyah Kate Aguto (DLSZ 2025).

 Their remarkable achievement is a testament to their dedication and innovative thinking.

Out of more than 30 submissions from schools across Asia, only 10 were selected to pitch their projects, including DLSZ’s team.The BETT ASIA school challenge is a “Southeast Asia-wide competition for students aged 7-17, created to promote big-thinking and innovative ideas on a large scale, to help provide solutions for schools and education issues using the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” The challenge is focused on using skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. 

The challenge revolved around SDG 15 – “Life on Land.” Students aged 13-17 were tasked with developing creative solutions to sustainably manage forests, combat deforestation, halt and reverse land degradation, and conserve biodiversity. The goal was to promote the preservation of life on land, a vital aspect of global sustainability.

The Green Lasallians Team presented a smart vertical farming system called, “VELABOT.” It is designed to be installed on rooftops of pre-existing buildings or infrastructure. It helps increase efficiency of land use as it expands land area 5-15 times compared to traditional horizontal farming while efficiently using energy. It increases accessibility through reduced middlemen, reduced transportation costs, and increased supply. Lastly, it provides other avenues for agriculture and ensures accessibility of biodiversity.  In creating this proposal, the resources the students used were:

  • Lego EV3 Conveyor Belt
  • Teachable Machine
  • Arduino Motors
  • Science box frames
  • Google Workspace

Through the mentorship of Ms. Rosalyn Masigon, Mr. Neil Caparanzana, Mr. Neil Olvina and Mr. Jholan Torres and with the support of the Applied Sciences Team headed by Dr. Genevieve Pillar, these students showcased their problem-solving prowess in a challenge that aimed to address Life on Land (SDG 15) critical issues affecting our world today. 

This experience serves as an inspiration to students everywhere, demonstrating the power of synergy, creativity, and a strong sense of purpose in addressing the pressing challenges of our time. Congratulations! Animo La Salle!