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DLSZ Alumnus Wins A Fujifilm GFX Challenge Program 2022 Regional Grant Award

Congratulations to Jan Zoilo Rafael Mayo (DLSZ 2009), who has been recognized as the only Filipino photographer among the 10 Regional Grant Award recipients of the esteemed Fujifilm GFX Challenge Grant Program 2022. His winning project, titled “The Philippine Flora: Portraits and Still Lifes in Diptychs,” is a photography series that showcases endemic plants in the Philippines that is presented as a beauty editorial in two parts: 1) a beauty portrait of flora creatively put on a human face, and 2) a still life.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Jan explains that “ I needed the project to have some relevance and impact. So I framed the project to be done exclusively with endemic flora, and I made sure that this had to be in consultation and partnership with an academic.”  Jan collaborated with Adriane Tobias, a researcher and teaching associate from UP Los Baños, who also wanted to promote endemic plants in the country. 

Jan is among the three (3) Asians that made it to the Asia-Pacific regional competition. Two photographers were from China.

The GFX Challenge Grant Program, sponsored by FUJIFILM, is a grant program that awards 5 Global Grant Awards and 10 Regional Grant Awards to help aspiring creatives bring their imaging projects to life. It is designed to nurture and develop the skills of emerging/promising content creators, allowing them to create content on topics that have significant meaning to them while gaining experience using FUJIFILM GFX System gear. The selection process started in September 2022 with three rounds and the 10 winners will continue until August 2023. 

Jan’s final work will be exhibited with the rest of the awardees in November 2023 at FujiFilm Square in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.

Your success serves as an inspiration to the entire DLSZ community. Well done, Jan!

Animo La Salle!

Jan Mayo (DLSZ 2009).
Photo from
Jan Mayo’s winning project, “The Philippine Flora: Portraits and Still Lifes in Diptychs.” Photo from: