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PARALUMAN X PAAGI 2: A Monologue Recital, Oct 14

Angel Ann Mae M. Pagaragan & Ray D. Nagoshi (DLSZ 2024)

Senior High School Arts & Design (A&D) Track proudly presents Year 2 of PARALUMAN X PAAGI, a Monologue Recital featuring A&D students of Grade 11. The activity will consist of two (2) monologue performances by both sections completed with diverse and unique styles of literature. 

Under the Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions class, A&D students created original monologues based on the original concepts of pandesals and thievery and the deviance of humanity from the gods by subject teacher, Mr. Marlon Fernandez.

“Who Stole My Pandesal?” is a story about deception and trickery. A teacher interrogates a class of suspicious, eccentric students to uncover the truth regarding his missing pandesal. Each class was divided into small sections to craft individual monologues to provide an answer to the teacher’s question. These compiled monologues completed a series of stories with different endings. Can you guess who stole the pandesal?
“Paghahatol ni Tao” is a hypothetical story about how a deity dies touching upon the deities’ reliance on humanity’s memory of them to stay alive. Tao, who has lost everything in their life, holds the Philippine Mythological gods Libulan, Tala, Mayari, Sitan, and Idiyanali hostage and gives them a chance to defend themselves from their negligence.

Under the Integrating the Elements and Principles of Organisation in the Arts class, the performing arts class under Mr. Chris Laurence Balintona will showcase a traditional Philippine story through music and dance, and an exhibit by the visual arts class under Mr. Rolando Badocdoc Jr. will showcase artworks of different mythological creatures, heroes, and gods in the Philippines.

Who stole the teacher’s pandesal? Will these gods live to see another day? Find out for FREE on October 14, 2022, at 4 PM via Livestream on the Paraluman (A&D) YouTube channel and the HS SRCC Facebook Page.