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Angelo Lucelo (DLSZ 2016) Ranks 9th in May 2022 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination

Congratulations to Angelo Louis De Silva Lucelo (DLSZ 2016) for being among the “successful examinees who garnered the ten highest places” in the May 2022 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam. Angelo ranked 9th with a rating of 91.85%.

Angelo shares, “Entering Zobel was like a completely fresh start for me, considering I studied in another school during my elementary years. While I entered the school with hopes of becoming a basketball player, I graduated high school with another dream in mind.

I would like to thank my friends for making my stay in DLSZ memorable and my teachers for helping me create the foundation of knowledge and principles I have today.”

The young engineer recalls his stay in Zobel helped pave the way for the mindset needed as he headed into college and towards his journey in studying for the board exam. 

“Once again, thank you Zobel! I am very grateful and proud to be an alumnus of DLSZ.”

You make your alma mater ‘greener’ with pride, Angelo! Animo La Salle!