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Zobel Parliament’s Performance in the Lasallian Interschool Training (LIT) 2021

Last March 6-7, 11 members of the Zobel Parliament attended La Salle Debate Society’s, De La Salle University’s premiere varsity debating team, Lasallian Interschool Training.

Unlike most debates, Zobel debaters were not alongside each other but against each other. Teaming up with schools throughout the Philippines such as MGC, DLSU-SHS, Regina Maria Montessori, St. Scholastic Manila, and many more.

Zobel Debaters maintained their spark, finishing their runs as follow:

  1. Danielle Victoria S. Garcia (DLSZ 2021): 2nd Ranking Team with 3 wins 
  2. Mary Janiyah Kate Z. Aguto (DLSZ 2025): 6th Ranking Team with 2 wins
  3. Eidd Josef F. Tayag (DLSZ 2022): 1 win
  4. Leonna Ricci D. Ronquillo (DLSZ 2023): 5th Ranking Team with 2 wins
  5. Paris Canta Pineda (DLSZ 2022): 1 win
  6. Clarisse Hanikka S. Tan (DLSZ 2023) & Yzza Keana I. Sering (Batch 2023): 3rd Ranking Team with 2 wins
  7. Therese A. Lachaona (DLSZ 2022): 4th Ranking Team with 2 wins
  8. Kristen Caroline I. Reyes (DLSZ 2023) & Celina Lourdes G. Buncayo (DLSZ 2022): 6th Ranking Team with 2 wins
  9. Andre Rafael N. Gonzales (DLSZ 2021): 1 win

This event was the opportunity for debaters to not only meet new debaters but to step out of debating as well. Riva G. Fong (DLSZ 2021) adjudicated two (2) rounds of this event.

Aside from being victorious in their teams, these debaters shone independently too. The following are the speaker awards bagged by our members from the Open Category:

  1. Overall Best Speaker: Clarisse Hanikka S. Tan (DLSZ 2023)
  2. Fourth Best Speaker: Andre Rafael N. Gonzales (DLSZ 2021)
  3. Fifth Best Speaker: Yzza Keana I. Sering (DLSZ 2023), Danielle Victoria S. Garcia (DLSZ 2021), Paris Canta Pineda (DLSZ 2022)