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DLSZ Team SENTRY Wins Champion’s Award in the 2020 World Robot Game Online: Me and My Robot Story Against Covid19

Written by: Genevieve A. Pillar, Institutional Robotics Coordinator

The DLSZ Team SENTRY won the Champion’s Award and Best in Robot Innovation. There were 27 entries for the “Me and My Robot Against Covid 19”, WRG Online Competition last April to July 2020. Participating countries were Taiwan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Philippines. From the 27 entries, only 7 were chosen as finalists.

The DLSZ Team SENTRY members have built a robot to combat the spread of Corona virus. In a time where direct human contact is to be minimized, comes SENTRY. SENTRY aims to remove the risk that security guards take when checking the temperature of people entering a certain area. SENTRY makes use of advanced technology to perform repetitive tasks when checking the temperature of different people such as students of a school or employees of an establishment. It does this with the use of many sensors and motors. From the bottom up, it has wheels for motion, SMS transmitter, an alcohol dispenser and a barrier both with distance sensors, the main ATX2 board and finally the temperature checker sensor and arm. SENTRY has wheels for easy transport. Once SENTRY is in position, there are two possible situations. One situation is, SENTRY will move its barrier to block the person from going in. It has an alcohol dispenser which sprays alcohol on the hands of the person. SENTRY will then measure their temperature using an infrared thermometer. If the measured temperature is normal, SENTRY would lift the barrier allowing the person to move forward and it will move back down after a while. Another situation is, if the person has a high temperature and in this case, SENTRY will tell the person to go to the nurse. The person in charge will also receive a text message. 

The DLSZ Team SENTRY members are:

1. Bernardo Isaia Escalona (Gr.5) 

2. Bjorn Isaac Escalona (Gr.10)

3. Beatrize Ysabelle Escalona (Gr.12)

Thank you Mr. Ramon Torres, Mr. Donald Lleno, Mr. Joel Jalon, Mr. Dennis Patiño, and Ms. Genevieve Pillar for your time during the project consultation. 


It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners in the WRG Creative Online:Me and My Robot Story Against Covid19….

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