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DLSZ Robotics Wins FIRST LEGO League (FLL) National Championships 2020

Written by: Genevieve A. Pillar, Institutional Robotics Coordinator

FLL Boomtown Build

The DLSZ Team ASSET won the Champion’s Award (FLLjunior).  The champion’s award recognizes a team that embodies the First Lego League (FLL) experience by fully embracing the FLL Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Games and Project Presentation. The team explored the growing needs and challenges of the people in our community. The team members helped to imagine and create a building that solves a problem and makes life easier, happier, or more connected for the people that use it.

The team ASSET members are composed of the following Grade 4 students:

1. Ysabella Sage Torres

2. Allison Faye Enriquez

3. Jacob Eulogio Rodriguez IV

4. Matt Gerard Navarro

5. John Iaian Inigo Aguada

6. Gabriel Noel Malabag

FLL City Shaper

The teams were challenged on “What if you could build a better world? Where will you begin?”. The students grouped together and had collaboration to innovate and solve problems.

The DLSZ Team NAVI won the Robot Performance Award and the Champion’s award. The robot performance award recognizes a team that scores the most points during the Robot Games while the champion’s award recognizes a team that embodies the FLL experience by fully embracing the FLL Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Games and Project Presentation. Project Navigation Assistant for the Visually Impaired or Project NAVI is a smart walking stick that can assist blind and visually impaired citizens in navigating their surroundings.

The DLSZ Team AUGS won fifth place. Project Automated Underground Garbage System or Project AUGS is an underground collection system that is able to collect and seal up full trash bags and prepare new ones automatically. Each mechanism is for one trash can. It can segregate by having multiple systems for each trash can.

The DLSZ BRafeNHS Team ARTREEFlCIAL won sixth place. Project ARTREEFlCIAL sustains life through a fully functional mechanism. ARTREEFICIAL is a multi-functional tree that has the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the urban atmosphere and supplies healthier air. The prototype also nourishes the plant up to its flowering stage with our nurturing pod.

DLSZ Team A- Team NAVI members:

1. Carlos Jacob Chiong (Gr.5)

2. Gabriel Victor Torres (Gr.6)

3. Robert Zachary Santos (Gr.8)

4. Jacob Isaac Ruiz (Gr.7)

5. Luc Benjamin Bunag (Gr.9)

6. Samantha Gabrielle Ruiz (Gr.9)

DLSZ Team B- Team AUGS members are:

1.Franc Andre Dimatatac (Gr.6) 

2. Christian Andrei Cleofe (Gr.7)

3. Enrique Alonso Pioquinto (Gr.6) 

4. Enzo Joaquim Petrache (Gr.7)

5. Mary Janiyah Kate Aguto (Gr.7)

6. Joshua Elijah Luzon (Gr.7)

DLSZ BRafeNHS – Team ARTREEFlCIAL members are:

1. Adriel Joseph Dimayuga (Gr.10)

2. Daryl Ugaban (Gr.9)

3. Christian Laurence Bulawan (Gr.9)

4. John Andrei Salamat (Gr.9)

5. Nicole Garcia (Gr.8)

6. Pauline Sumido (Gr.8)

7. Irene Margaret Nim (Gr.10)

8. Arabella Taguilaso (Gr.10)

9. Jose Rene Pinuela Jr. (Gr.10)

10. Harriette Terrado (Gr.10)

Kudos to team coaches Mr. Joel Jalon, Mr. Heinz Elorde, Mr. Donald Lleno, Mr. Ramon Torres, Mr. Norman Talavera, Ms. Julie Valencia-Corpuz, and Ms. Genevieve Pillar.

The FLL National championships event was organized by FELTA Multi-Media, Inc. and hosted by De La Salle Santiago Zobel School- Vermosa Campus last March 1, 2020. It was participated by 19 City Shaper teams and 5 Boomtown Build teams.

1. De La Salle Zobel School Team A

2. De La Salle Zobel School Team B

3. De La Salle Zobel Night High School-Team A

4. Grace Christian College Team A

5. Grace Christian College Team B

6. Project 6 Elementary School-Team A

7. Project 6 Elementary School-Team B

8. Mines Elementary School

9. Batasan Hills National High School

10. Betty Go Belmonte Elementary School

11. Chinese International School

12. Claret School of QC-Team A

13. St. Patrick School of QC-Team A

14. Ibo Elementary School

15. Novaliches High School-Team A

16. Novaliches High School-Team B

17. ICreate Cafe

18. Temple Hill International School

19. St. Patrick School of Quezon City

FLL Jr. “Boomtown Build”

1. De La Salle Zobel

2. ICreate Cafe Manila

3. Alpha Angelicum Academy

4. Claret School of QC-Team A

5. Claret School of QC-Team B