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Written by JMSJ

The DLSZ Community proudly salutes Alexene Irish L. Galang (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) for bringing home the Second Place in Editorial News Writing in Filipino in the Regional Schools Press Conference held on October 8-11, 2019 at Aurora Elementary School in Manila.  She will represent DLSZ in the National Schools Press Conference in Tuguegarao, Cagayan in December 2019.

Alexene, a member of Luntiang Binhi, DLSZ BRafeNHS Official School Publication, together with the 13 members, initially hauled 14 awards in the Division of Schools Press Conference (DSPC) on September 7, 2019 at the Bayanan Elementary School – Unit 1 in Muntinlupa City. The winners of the DSPC represented the City of Muntinlupa in the Regional School Press Conference.

With the theme “Campus Journalism: Responding to Emerging Lessons of Media Practices, the RSPC was supervised and hosted by the Division of City Schools to encourage the students to hone their aptitude in journalistic writing.

Meanwhile, three LB members snitched three awards in LIYAB 2019 on October 19 held at the Philippine Normal University. Steven Nash J. Pacilan (DLSZ BrafeNHS 2024) won 3rd  Place in Editorial Cartooning, Jean Carl Latayan (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) landed 7th Place in Sports Writing in English, and Khert Dahryll Gabayeron (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2020) finished  8th Place in Sports News Writing in Filipino.

Below are the winners of RSPC, DSPC, and LIYAB 2019 with their respective awards:

Regional Schools Press Conference

  1. Alexene Irish Galang (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) – Second Place, Editorial Writing in Filipino

Division Schools Press Conference

  1. Kimberly M. Dolleton (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2020) First Place, News Writing in Filipino
  1. Khert Dahryll P. Gabayeron (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2020) – First Place, Sports News Writing
  1. Cecilia S. Balbido (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) – 5th Place, Photo Journalism
  1. Pauleen Marzam (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2023) – 5th Place, Photo Journalism
  1. Steven Nash Pacilan (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2023) 5th Place, Editorial Cartooning
  1. Beatrice R. Carag (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2024) – 6th Place, Editorial Writing in English
  1. Jean Carl Latayan (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) – 6th Place, Sports Writing
  1. Alexene Irish L. Galang (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) – 8th Place, Editorial Writing in Filipino
  1. Maria Nizabella F. Limjoco (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2024) – 8th Place, Science News Writing
  1. Mariel E. Bautista (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2023) – 9th Place, Science News Writing
  1. Kennese Ross F. Manalang (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2024) – 9th Place, Copyreading and Headline Writing
  1. Clara Jane P. Quiling (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2024) – 10th Place, News Writing
  1. Carl John A. Montemayor (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2020) – 10th Place, News Writing
  1. Alyssa Jade T. Boncan (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2023) – 10th Place, Feature Writing

 PNU – LIYAB 2019

  1. Steven Nash J. Pacilan (DLSZ BrafeNHS 2024) – 3rd Place, Editorial Cartooning
  1. Jean Carl Latayan (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2022) – 7th Place, Sports Writing in English
  1. Khert Dahryll Gabayeron (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2020) – 8th Place, Sports News Writing in Filipino

Congratulations also to Ms. Jazz Lendle Dy, Luntiang Binhi Adviser, for mentoring and accompanying the student writers! Animo La Salle!


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