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DLSZ's Annual Production, "A Miracle in Hello"

The Cultural Affairs Office is committed to the development of Lasallian student-artists. This 40th anniversary of our school, we are pleased to invite Lasallian community, parents and guests to our theater guild’s presentation of “A MIRACLE IN HELLO”, this Friday, March 8, 2019, 6:00 pm at the Sylvia P. Lina Theater, Center for Performing Arts Building, DLSZ.

This original musical, in partnership with Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), will be featuring a student cast – from grade 6 to grade 12, selected Br. Rafael Donato FSC Night High School performers and alumni guests.  For tickets, you may call 771-3579 local 123 and look for Mr. Patrick Sarria.  Proceeds will go to the Theater Workshop Program and the DLSZ Scholarship Fund.

Theater doors open at 5:00 pm.



A Miracle in Hello
Directed by Ms. Meann Espinosa
Co-Directed by Mr. Ian Segarra
Tells a story of four troubled high school students from a posh-school whose lives were changed after an unfortunate incident and a classroom brawl that sent them to the Principal’s office and on to the hands of a new and mysterious teacher.  
The teacher’s unconventional ways, frowned upon by some, eventually transformed and touched the students’ lives and of those around them.  His cool vibe, strong faith, compassion and positive influence started a friendship in the unlikeliest of circumstance.
With this teacher’s guidance and care, friendship grows, so did the students’ faith, understanding and love for one another and for the world.  Their renewed spirit were affirmed when they realize the real identity of their mysterious teacher.