Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is tasked to oversee the efficient delivery of materials and services needed by the members of the school community and other stakeholders of the school. It also recommends to the President and the Operations Council needed improvements in the existing school facilities and building structures and the construction of additional ones if needed. Formulation of certain policies and guidelines on the procurement and use of resources and creating programs to improve school workers skills as well as physical facilities and building maintenance may also be initiated by the department. Lastly, the Department also works consistently in creating ways to better facilitate and improve purchasing, warehousing and inventory procedures.

Directed towards the realization of the school’s Vision-Mission Statement and aligned with the Educational Goals and Philosophy, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is committed to provide fast and efficient service to the school community through systematic and optimum use of the institution?s available resources.

The Administrative Services Department has five units, namely:

Administrative Services Department Online Forms:

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