Student Programs

The school has an extensive program of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. At the beginning of the school year, students are given application/ checklist for activity participation. The student, with parental advice, chooses the club/activity he/she wishes to join for the year. Each student participates in an organization to the extent that his/her scholastic standing will allow.

Co-Curricular Activities/Organizations directly supplement and complement the school’s academic program.

    • Club activity periods are graded and are held on the first three Tuesdays of each month for the Grade School and the first three Thursdays of each month for the High School.
    • Friday Masses for the Grade School and High School are held in honor of the Sacred Heart.
    • Department-sponsored events are scheduled on the fourth Tuesday for Grade School and on the fourth or fifth Thursday for the High School.

Extra-Curricular Activities are not directly linked to academic studies but are essential to the development of a well-rounded learner.


The Student Representative Coordinating Council (SRCC) as the student organization of DLSZ promotes the welfare of the students and works for the proper coordination of student activities with the faculty and administration. It is handled by a teacher-adviser who serves as its moderator.


Young Observer – The Young Observer is the official publication of the grade school students.

Counterpoint – The Counterpoint is published by the high school students as their official school paper.

Green, Gold, and White Yearbook - The Yearbook is the annual publication that features the graduates and undergraduates of the school. The annual issue also includes photos of significant events and accomplishments for the academic year.


As part of the school’s educational program, field trips are conducted to enrich a student’s learning and life experience. Field trips are exclusive to the students and school personnel. The students are strongly encouraged to participate in this activity with their parents’ consent as manifested in a signed parental approval form. A student without the accomplished parental approval form is not allowed to join the field trip. Non-participants shall be asked to submit a requirement to offset his/her absence.

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