The St. La Salle Building or the main building houses the first to fourth year High School classrooms.  The basement is where you will find the Finance Department Office, Registrar and Admissions Office, the High School Learning Resource Centers (LRCs), the Non-Print Office, the Student Clubs and Activities Office, the Computer Lab 4, the iNook and the photocopying service area.

The following are on the first floor of the main building:

Debbie Decena Auditorium (DDA), Dental Clinic, Main Clinic, Reproduction Office, Grade School Music Room, Grade School Media Lab, Grades 5, Grade 6 Grade 7A to D classrooms, St. La Salle Courtyard (Science Hall) and Office of the Grades 5 and 6 School Counselors.

The following are on the second floor:

Science Laboratories, Faculty Rooms of Grades 4-6 and all High School teachers, Offices of the GS & HS Subject Area Coordinators, Office of the Upper Grades Assistant to the Principal, Office of the Upper Grades Prefect, Grade School SRCC Office, Office of the High School Prefect, Office of the Senior level School Counselor, Office of the School Counselor Head, Grade 6 E to I classrooms, All Freshmen classrooms, Sophomore A and B classrooms and Junior and Senior levels’ Art room

The following are on the third floor:

Computer Laboratories 1, 2 and 3, Sophomore C to I, All Junior and Senior classrooms, Offices of the Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior School Counselors, Office of the HS Assistant to the Principal, HS GEM and Special Filipino classroom.


The Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC Center for Lasallian Formation (BroCeci CLF) houses the Our Lady of the Star Chapel, the Adoration Chapel, the Family Life Wellness Institute Office, the Main Conference room and two ante-rooms; and the Parmenie Retreat Facility which has separate male and female dormitories, the Campus Ministry Office and the Social Action Office.

The St. Mutien Marie Administrative Building houses the Finance Offices, Registrar and Admissions Office, and the Instructional and Performance Assessment Office on the ground floor and the President Office, GS and HS Principals’Offices, the Enrique Zobel Board Room, the Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC Conference Room, and the Human Resources Management and Development Department on the second floor.

The St. Mutien Marie Building annex houses other administrative offices such as the Information Systems and Technology Services Office, the Advancement and Communications Office, the Physical Facilities Office, Campus Development Office, Electro-Mechanical Office and the Administrative Services Department on the second floor.

The Angelo King Center for Performing Arts houses the Sylvia P. Lina Theatre, varied Music and Art rooms, the Dance Hall, and the Cultural Affairs Office (CAO). Adjacent to the rear side of this building are the Purchasing Office (PO) and the Campus Services Office (CSO).

The St. Flavius Hall houses the main canteen and Rpod. Next to it is the Cadlum Hall.  On the second floor is Gym 2 (Basketball).

Beside the Cadlum Hall is the St. Joseph’s Building which houses the Grade 4 classrooms, the Grade 4 School Counselor’s Office and the Grade 4 Faculty room.
Behind the Cadlum Hall is the Technology, Home Economics, & Livelihood Education (THELE) Building which features a model house on the second floor and seven kitchen nooks with demonstration room on the ground floor.

Adjacent to the St. Joseph and THELE Building is the old THE Building which houses the electrical, sewing and automotive classrooms on the ground floor and the Taekwondo and table tennis gym on the second floor. Also on the second floor may be found the Br. Rafael Donato FSC Night High School (BrafeNHS) faculty room and School Counselors Office.

Fronting the Cadlum Hall and the St. Joseph’s building is the main gym, otherwise known as the Sports Pavilion which houses the PE and Sports Development Offices, the coaches lounge, the Fitness Center on the ground floor and the half-oval on the upper floor. Adjacent to the main gym is the soccer field.

Closer to Molave Street (Gate 7), you will find the Br. Felix Masson Hall which houses the Grades 1-3 classrooms and the St. Brother Miguel Hall which houses the Junior and Senior Prep classrooms.  The building also houses Gym 5 (4 Badminton and 1 Volleyball courts), one multi-purpose area, the Administrative Offices, the School Counselors Office, faculty room, Upper Grades and Lower Grades LRC, the satellite Clinic and the Staff Union Office.

The newly built three-storey Br. Felix Masson Hall Extension Building houses the Music, Special Filipino and Gem Room at the Ground floor. On the second floor is Grade 3H and 3I classroom; Computer Lab 5 and LG Science Lab on the third floor.

Adjacent to the Lower Grades and Prep Building are the herb garden, Tennis Court, Materials Recovery Facilities, the Warehouse and Inventory office, the softball field, and the Vaugirard Hall that houses the Kinder Campus and the ZoobTV Cable and Radio Studio on the ground floor.

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