Formerly called the Vaugirard Recollection House, the Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall has been converted into classrooms for the Pre-K to Kinder, Faculty Room and Meeting Room on the ground floor.  On the second floor, you can find the Learning Resource Center, Grade 4 Robotics Rooms and the Office of the Vice Principal for Operations for Lower Grades.

You can also find the Zoob Studio on the ground floor of the Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall.



You will find the Br. Felix Masson Hall and the St. Brother Miguel Hall as you enter Gate 7 on Molave Street.

In the basement of the St. Br. Miguel Hall, you will find the Art Room, Music Room, Cafeteria annex, Psychometrician/MSSN Coordinator’s Office and the Staff Union Office.  On the First Floor, you will find the Multipurpose Hall, Medical Clinic Annex, Classrooms for Grades 1A to 1H and the interdisciplinary Botanical Garden.  On the Second Floor, you will find Gym 5, the Grade School Learning Resource Center, the Student Counseling Rooms, the office of Grade School Student Formation Officer, office of the Grade School Subject Coordinators, and the office of the Upper Grades Vice Principal for Operations.

On the First Floor of the Br. Felix Masson Hall, you will find the classrooms for Grades 2A to 2I, 3A to 3B, and the GEM/Special Filipino Room.  On the Second Floor, you will find classrooms for Grade 3C to 3I, 4A to 4G classrooms and the Information Systems and Technology Services (ISTS) Extension Office.

In the Br. Felix Masson annex building you will find the Music Room on the first floor, the classrooms for Grade 4H to 4I on the second floor, and the Science Laboratory and Computer Technology classroom on the third floor.



The Olympic-sized swimming pool is located across the St. Brother Miguel Hall.  The wall by the bleachers showcases a mural painting of 100 dolphins by environmental artist, A.G. Saño, entitled “Dolphins Love Freedom”.



Winning the Hunter Douglas’ Excellence in Green Design Award and Excellence in Green Building in 2008, the Sports Pavilion was featured in the Slivers Ideal magazine as a “sustainable recreational facility for the future”.  Better known to its older alumni as Gym 1, this new redesigned facility features a half-oval track  over-looking the Basketball and Volleyball courts below.  The center court features the school’s monicker, Home of the Junior Archers. On the ground floor, you can also find the Sports Development Office, the Coaches Lounge, Physical Therapist’s Room, the Adviser and the Physical Education Faculty Room.  In the basement, you can find the Gym and Weights Room, Table Tennis Room/Archery Room, DLSZ Parents Association Office, and the Sports Development Foundation Office.



The DLSZ GLOBE Football Field, dubbed as the Home of the Green Archers United, is adjacent to the Sports Pavilion.  The field, made of 40mm fibrillated synthetic grass, measures 92 X 60 meters.  You can find, on the side of the field, a 100-meter running track and an open basketball court.



The St. Mutien Marie Administrative Building, which is near Gate 3 on Ma. Cristina Street houses most of the administrative offices. On the first floor, you can find the Student Admissions Office, Office of the Registrar, Office of the Assistant to the Registrar for BRafeNHS, the Finance Department Office and Cashier, Office of the Finance Director and the Instructional Performance and Assessment Office.

On the second floor, you can find the Human Resource Management and Development (HRMDD) Office, Office of the HRMDD Director, Office of the Grade School Principal, Office of the High School Vice Principal for Academics, Quality Assurance and Monitoring Office, the Office of the School President, and the Don Enrique Zobel Board Room.

The St. Mutien Marie Building annex houses in the basement, the Animo Exchange Bookstore, the Grade School and High School Student Publication Office, the Executive Board Room and the Office of the Lasallian Mission and Vocation Department Director.  On the first floor, you can find the High School Art Room, Audio-Visual Room, Purchasing Office, and the Campus Development and Services Office. On the second floor, you can find the Advancement and Communications Office, Office of the Academic Services Department Director, Information System and Technology Services Office, the Physical Facilities and ElectroMechanical Office, the Office of the Administrative Services Department Director, the Centennial Lounge, and the SPARK Museum.



The St. La Salle building or the main building, which fronts the University Avenue, houses the Grade 6 to Fourth Year High School classrooms.  The basement is where you will find the Student Clubs and Activities Office, iNook, E-Classroom, High School Learning Resource Center (LRC) and the LRC Non-Print.

On the First Floor you will find the classrooms for Grades 6A to 6I, 7A to 7D, and 8A to 8I; the Counselling Rooms for Grades 6 and 7 students;  the Grade School Music Room; the Reproduction/Printing Room; the Science Lobby, Debbie Decena Auditorium (DDA), the main Dental and Medical Clinic, and Hardin ng Batang Lasalyano.

On the Second Floor you will find the classrooms for Grade 7E to 7I, 9A to 9I, Sophomore A to B and the Counselling Rooms for the Grades 8 to 9 students, the office of the School Counselling Head, the Faulty Room, the High School Subject Coordinators’ Office and the Office of the High School Vice Principal for Operations.

On the Third Floor you will find the classrooms for Sophomore C to I, Junior A to I, Senior A to I, High School GEM Room, Special Filipino Room, Counselling Rooms for the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, and Office of the High School Student Formation Officers. 



The St. La Salle Building houses the specially-renovated PEARL Classrooms for Grade Six up to Third Year high school.  The Grade Five PEARL classrooms are housed in the St. Joseph’s Building.



The Debbie Decena Auditorium, which can accommodate 400 people, is located on the first floor of the St. La Salle Building.  On the side of the auditorium is the Hardin ng mga Batang Lasalyano which features a bahay-kubo and several Filipino games such as sungka, luksong baka, patintero, piko, and sipa.



The St. Joseph’s Building is across the Sports Pavilion and houses all Grade 5 classrooms, the Grade 5 Faculty Room and Student Counselling Room.



Behind the St. Joseph’s Building is the THELE Building which houses on the first floor, the seven High School Food Laboratories.  On the second floor, you will find the Grade School Food Laboratory and the Female Athletes’ Dormitory.

Adjacent to the St. Joseph Building is the Gym 3 Building where you can find on the first floor the different classrooms for Sewing, Handicrafts, Automotive, and Electronics. On the second floor are the Taekwondo Gym, the Br. Rafael Donato FSC Night High School (BRafeNHS) Faculty Room, and the office of the BRafeNHS Principal.



The St. Flavius Hall houses, on the first floor, the main cafeteria and on the second floor the Employees Lounge and the R-Pod, which is a center for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation for Lasallian Parthners.

Adjacent to the St. Flavius Hall on the first floor and serves as the Cafeteria extension is the Cadlum Hall, named after DLSZ’s former Principal Mr. Edgardo Cadlum.  On the second floor is the Gym 2 Basketball Court.



The Angelo King Center for Performing Arts, dubbed as the CCP of the South, houses the 900-seater Sylvia P. Lina Theater, a spacious lobby, and the Cultural Affairs Office.   In the basement you will find the different music rooms for the Orchestra, Chorale, Piano, and Violin classes.  On the second and third floors you will find more music Rooms for Rondalla and Violin and several visual arts rooms, while on the fourth floor, you will find the Ballet Studio.

Fronting the CPA is Gil Sermeno’s bronze sculpture, Saliw sa Hangin.  Right outside you will find the Brothers’ Park featuring the life-sized sculptures of Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC with his camera and Br. V. Felix Masson FSC handing out stampitas.   At the back of the CPA building are the Alumni Association Office and the Independent Teachers Union Office near the pump house area.



The Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC Center for Lasallian Formation or CLF (near Gate 1) houses the Our Lady of the Star Chapel and you can find below the CLF Hall and two (2) Recollection Rooms. In the adjacent building are the Campus Ministry Office, the Social Action Office, and the Parmenie Retreat Facility which has the male dormitory on the second floor and female dormitory on the third floor that can accommodate 40 guests each.



Located on the second floor of the Br. Ceci Hojilla FSC Center for Lasallian Formation, the Our Lady of the Star Chapel showcases Sajid Imao’s version of the Risen Christ and Dudley Diaz’ Via Crucis on bas relief.



The Family Life Wellness Institute (FLWI) is located below the Chapel. It provides family counseling, psycho-social therapies, health and nutrition consultations, and other services.

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