Miguel Ochosa Delivers Keynote Address During The 2012 Lasallian Scholarum Awards

Our very own Miguel Luis Ochosa (DLSZ 2017) delivered the Keynote Address during the 2012 Lasallian Scholarum Awards coined as “Re-vision: Change the way we see our future” at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel last August 29, 2012.

In his keynote address, Miguel shared his insights about the topic, “How media impacts the youth and education in the country.” The youth’s media consumption is due to the fast and continuous development of technology. Thus, media has become a powerful tool that educates and influences the youth. He uttered that “the kind of information we acquire from the media of today might have an effect on the kind of leadership we will offer in the future. So, it is vital for journalists, and other media practitioners to be responsible and accountable in bringing out the facts or information for public consumption because even the youth has direct access to them.” Furthermore, Miguel stressed that everyone should be a responsible media practitioner.

Present during the awarding are Br. Ricardo Laguda FSC, President and Chancellor of De La Salle University, Br. Michael Broughton FSC, Associate Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission of DLSU, Sandra Aguinaldo and other journalists, newscasters, media practitioners, and the scholarum awardees.

Photo credit: www.dlsu.edu.ph