Congratulations to our very own United South Floorball Club Zobel for winning the overall championship in the Philippine Floorball League U13 Division last December 17, 2017 at University of the Philippines College of Human Kinetics Gym.

The competition was participated in by teams from Ateneo, St. Jude Catholic School Manila, John Dewey School for Children, Amoranto QC Floorball Club, Knollers Floorball Club and Gonzalez Estate Floorball Club.

This program is under the strong support of the Physical Education Unit and Student Clubs and Activity Office.

The team won the following:

  1. Champion – Boys division
  1. 1st Runner-up – Boys Division
  1. 1st Runner-up – Girls Division

Members of the team who were awarded as the best player of the league:

  1. Juliana Mae Beltran – (DLSZ BRafeNHS 2024) – Girls Division Mythical 3
  1. Nathan Joshua Dimayuga – (DLSZ 2022) – Boys Division MVP
  1. Miguel Naiara Reyes – (DLSZ 2023) – Boys Division Mythical 3

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