Congratulations to Ma. Tricia Jasmin Ocho (DLSZ 2025), Marcus Ocho (DLSZ 2022), and Eddrian Costes (DLSZ 2023) for their victory in the recently concluded 2017 International Mathematics Open for Young Achievers (IMOYA).

Geared up for the final encounter to outwit the equally best Asian math contenders, more than a hundred Filipino math wizards, up to the mark, had their foreign challengers on the run as they competed in this year’s IMOYA held in Singapore last September 1 – 4, 2017.

Through their efforts, Ma. Tricia Jasmin bagged two bronze medals for the Individual and Team Categories under the Middle Primary Division, and Marcus Ocho was able to win a bronze medal for the Individual Category under the Junior High School Division. Eddrian Costes superbly won a silver medal for the Individual Category under the Upper Primary Division.

According to Dr. Archieval Rodriguez, President of the Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MathDap), there were a total of 2,203 participants from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

In addition, IMOYA had five contest venues namely Singapore, Guangzhou (China), Hong Kong, Taiwan and Iran.

Our said students were chosen to be part of the said competition after attending rigorous training given by the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG) Philippines.

These math wizards, along with the previous students who won in their respective international competitions, are a proof that Lasallians are indeed committed to excellence. Hats off to everyone! Animo La Salle!


(L-R) Ms. Ma. Fatima Guerrero, High School Math Coordinator, Marcus Ocho, Tricia Ocho, and  Eddrian Costes