Eleven Grade School Students Attend the 37th Annual National Graders’ Convention in Baguio

DLSZ Grade School attended the 37th Annual National Graders’ Convention at the Teachers’ Camp, Baguio City last September 14 -18, 2016. The convention was sponsored by the Children’s Museum and Library Inc.with the theme, “CMLI Ignite: Inspiring Greatness in our Nation’s Integrity through Transformational Leadership and Excellence”.

The eleven (11) student-delegates of DLSZ participated in the different activities of the convention such as workshops, commission discussions and contests for excellence and entertainment.

Listed below are the names of the student delegates.

  1. Carcido, Mia Ysabelle (DLSZ 2023)
  2. Carbonell, Phoebe Margaret (DLSZ 2024)
  3. Favis, Maxine Carissa (DLSZ 2025)
  4. Guiterrez, Ianna Andrelle (DLSZ 2023)
  5. Ilagan, Maxine Priscilla Julienne (DLSZ 2023)
  6. Lampayan, Sidney (DLSZ 2023)
  7. Laylo, Julia (DLSZ 2023)
  8. Roxas, Bianca Ysabel (DLSZ 2023)
  9. Toledo, Matthew Steven (DLSZ 2023)
  10. Torres, Bianca Andrea (DLSZ 2023)
  11. Velasco, Derek Andrew (DLSZ 2023)

Among the 28 schools from all over the Philippines who competed, there were two students from DLSZ who were declared finalists in the two categories namely; Phoebe Carbonell for Storytelling and Sidney Lampayan for Solo Singing.

All the activities of the convention were facilitated by student-leaders who are already in the collegiate level. They were supervised by their teacher-advisers who had been with the organization for a long time.

The students learned a lot from the facilitators especially on the topic and activities related to transformational leadership and excellence. The time and effort given by the delegates to the event did not go to waste.

The delegates were supervised by Ms. Clarissa Teves, GS SRCC Adviser and Assistant to the SCAO Head and Ms. Rowena Zepeda, Grade 4 Language Teacher.

Mr. Jess Sulit – Head of the Student Clubs and Activities Office, Ms. Evangeline de Peralta – Lasallian Formation and Mission Department Director, Ms. Sylvia Patiño – GS Principal, Ms. Janette Torrato – Grade School Vice Principal for Academics and the GS Coordinators from the different departments namely; Ms. Noemi Miculob – Filipino, Ms. Sheila Bautista – Reading, Ms. Emilanie E. Hadjirul – Language and Ms. Mariko Camacho – Art helped and supported the delegates.


Written by: Sidney Lampayan