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DLSZ students join the NASA HASSE Space School Program 2024

Written by: Ms. Arizza Santos

L to R, Row 1: Arizza Santos, Ivarika Ynafleure Lapuz, Anne Gwyneth Tan, Erin Louise Pakingan, Fiona Ellise Pakingan, Anya Legaspi, Zane Alaric Lapuz 
Row 2: Sherry Chiao, Jose Ignacio Xerez-Burgos, Christian Chlifford Cajayon, Johann Galit, Athena Viste, Andrea Ancheta, Pinky Legaspi, Teresa Viste, Caleb Bennett
Row 3: Santino Emmanuel Edralin, Marcus Sebastien Ticke, John Cyrus Tan, Meljon Viste, rafael Tubilla, Stephanie Viste

On May 21, 2024, to June 1, 2024, a group of DLSZ students represented the Philippines in the NASA-HASSE Space School Program held in Houston, Texas. They immersed themselves in various activities, gaining firsthand experience and insight into how astronauts are trained and prepared for missions. 

One of the exciting activities the students experienced was visiting the NASA Johnson Space Center. They received VIP access to the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, Mission Training Center, and Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, where they observed the rigorous and extensive training astronauts undergo before a mission. The team also visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science, where they participated in an ISS Immersive Experience at the Expedition Center and completed a simulation at the CP Mission Briefing, finishing the Challenger Program.

DLSZ Participants:

Andrea Bertillo Ancheta (DLSZ 2030)

Jose Ignacio Xerez-Burgos (DLSZ 2027) 

Christian Chlifford Cajayon (DLSZ 2029)

Santino Emmanuel Edralin (DLSZ 2026) 

Johann Salud Galit (DLSZ 2029)

Ivarika Ynafleure Lapuz (DLSZ 2027) 

Zane Alaric Lapuz (DLSZ 2026) 

Fiona Ellise Pakingan (DLSZ 2025)

Erin Louise Pakingan (DLSZ 2027)

John Cyrus Tan (DLSZ 2025) 

Anne Gwyneth Tan (DLSZ 2027) 

Rafael Benavides Tubilla (DLSZ 2030) 

Marcus Sebastien Ticke (DLSZ 2025) 

Additionally, the students enjoyed an iFly experience and visited Rice University on the same day, which is significant in space exploration. They also had the unique opportunity to visit SpaceX in Boca Chica, Texas, where they observed preparations for the launch of Starship Flight 4, a test mission aimed at achieving a crewed lunar landing for NASA.

Before the end of the space school program, the DLSZ students attended a three-day workshop at the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) at the University of Houston, in collaboration with the HASSE School. During this workshop, they worked on space architecture, planning, and developing their proposed lunar habitat.

The two-week program concluded with a graduation ceremony. The students returned home with invaluable experiences and knowledge gained from the NASA HASSE Space School Program. Reflecting on the daily themes and showcasing their creativity, the students learned an important lesson, keep the environment and the people around you from dictating what is impossible. Like astronauts, hard work and perseverance lead to great rewards.