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Team CYLLO Junior League from DLSZ Wins Explore and Discover Award in FLL Junior League in Texas, USA

The DLSZ Robotics Elite Team represented the Philippine Robotics National Junior League Team and made waves in the recent FIRST LEGO League (FLL) World Championships held on April 17-20, 2019 in Houston, Texas.
The national delegation comprised of Team CYLLO Junior League (ages 6-12) from De La Salle Zobel Robotics Elite Team.  The challenge for the Junior League, MISSION MOON, was to learn about the Earth’s moon and what is needed to live there. Team CYLLO won the Explore and Discover Award with their project that aims to solve the problem of supplying enough food and oxygen to astronauts on the moon by creating a robot that can sustain the life of cyanobacteria.
The team members were:

  1. Zoie Francesca B. Aldave (DLSZ 2021)
  2. Chito S. Roxas Jr. (DLSZ 2021)
  3. Emmanuel Jace S. Savellano, (DLSZ 2021)
  4. Robert Philip C. Lim (DLSZ 2021)
  5. Eduardo Matteo E. Valdez (DLSZ 2021)
  6. Franc Andre A. Dimatatac (DLSZ 2026)

Kudos to their coaches, Mr. Heinz Elorde, Mr. Donald Lleno, Mr. Denis Errabo and Mr. Norman Talavera! Animo!

(L-R) Franc Andre A. Dimatatac, Eduardo Matteo E. Valdez, Zoie Francesca B. Aldave, Chito S. Roxas Jr., Emmanuel Jace S. Savellano, and Robert Philip C. Lim