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Last July 26, 2018, the De La Salle Zobel Animo Squad flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to participate in the 2018 National CHARM Cheerleading Championships. The venue of the two-day competition was the Sunway Velocity Mall. It was their first-ever foray into the international scene. The competition was organized by the Cheerleading Association and Register of Malaysia and attracted over 50 teams from Levels 1 to 6. The Animo Squad was the only foreign team that participated this year.
Our girls set out to win and that’s exactly what they did. The Animo Squad was awarded the championship trophy for the All-Girls Level 4 Division and were given the title Ultimate International Champions! Kudos to their coaches, Ruf Rosario and Mhel Tayo!
The girls who participated in this competition are:

  • Mary Dominique Agoncillo (DLSZ 2020)
  • Rochelle Margareth Aguilar (DLSZ 2021)
  • Alessandra Marie Aquino (DLSZ 2023)
  • Luisa Solana Arrastia (DLSZ 2022)
  • Alexis Marie Balagot (DLSZ 2020)
  • Katrina Bernas (DLSZ 2020)
  • Charlize Amber Borromeo (DLSZ 2022)
  • Julia Kristine Britanico (DLSZ 2022)
  • Bianca Czailyn Caraig (DLSZ 2021)
  • Isabella Carlos (DLSZ 2020)
  • Maxine Julia Coronel (DLSZ 2022)
  • Bianca Nicole Galang (DLSZ 2022)
  • Hannah Maxine Kim (DLSZ 2020)
  • Tiffany Claire Lau (DLSZ 2019)
  • Annika Ryees Mendoza (DLSZ 2021)
  • Precious Armee Mercado (DLSZ 2021)
  • Phoebe Lauren Marie Morando (DLSZ 2021)
  • Alyssa Lou Patungan (DLSZ 2019)
  • Cerise Jaclyn Peña (DLSZ 2022)
  • Maria Giulia Pistis (DLSZ 2020)
  • Gabrielle Reine Santiago (DLSZ 2021)
  • Courtney Love Tulio (DLSZ 2020)
  • Isabelle Vera Cruz (DLSZ 2021)
  • Olivia Mary Gypsy Webb (DLSZ 2020)

This victory was a fitting culmination of many months of grueling training and hard work to get themselves competition-ready. After a brief rest period, the Animo Squad girls will start preparing for the Pep Rally as well as the WNCAA and the National Cheerleading Championship which will be held in the first quarter of 2019.