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The Grade School and High School Student Representative Coordinating Council Elections for Academic Year 2017-2018 were separately held last February 8-9 and February 16 respectively.
The poll started with Facebook campaign, followed by the usual party promotion along Gate 2 and canteen, Room-to-Room Campaign, and Miting De Avance that commenced last week of January and ended first week of February.
Two parties vied for the GS SRCC posts namely F.O.R.C.E Party – Faithful Organization Rendering Christian Excellence and S.W.A.G Party which stands for Students Who Are Great.  It was virtually a landslide win for the FORCE Party as it grabbed the seven positions out of eight.
Merged as victors are the following:

GS SRCC A.Y. 2017-2018

President John Paul Meim FORCE Party
Executive Vice President Samantha Ocampo FORCE Party
Social Action Vice President Juliana Santos FORCE Party
Secretary Paolo Miguel Macabali FORCE Party
Treasurer Joaquin Miguel Paca FORCE Party
G6 Level Representative Nathan Gabriel Sabio FORCE Party
G5 Level Representative John Dominic Dimatulac FORCE Party
G4 Level Representative William Ronald Samonte SWAG Party

Meanwhile, the HS SRCC race was contended by BUILD Party and SINAG Party.  Majority of the winning candidates came from SINAG while only one survived from the BUILD Party.  The HS SRCC Student Judiciary Board headed by Isabelle Sarroza supervised the whole election process.
The following are the winners:

HS SRCC A.Y. 2017-2018

Executive President Alyana Maria Militante SINAG PARTY
Executive Vice  President Jose Lorenzo Cansana SINAG PARTY
Social Action Vice President Gabriel Alfredo Cortez SINAG PARTY
Secretary Sofia Iliana Suarez SINAG PARTY
Treasurer Renato Elijah Valdecantos SINAG PARTY
G12 Level Representative Bianca Therese Velasquez BUILD PARTY
G11 Level Representative Angeli Gabrielle Arevalo SINAG PARTY
G10 Level Representative Danielle Kirsten Toledano SINAG PARTY
G9 Level Representative Edana Faye Marie Castaños SINAG PARTY
G8 Level Representative Catherine Emilia Lauren Samonte INDEPENDENT
G7 Level Representative Ianna Andrelle  Gutierrez BUILD PARTY

Congratulations to all the victors! Animo La Salle!