School Counseling Office: UPCAT Forms, Now Available

UPCAT Forms are now available at the School Counseling Office. We do not encourage the students to download the UPCAT forms available online at the UP website so that the Registrar’s Office will have a uniform size of forms in printing the school records. Please get all your UPCAT forms from Ms. Loida Estacion, at the Lower Grades Counseling Office, or from Mrs. Sheryll Pulumbarit.

Reminders to Seniors:
1. General Information- Please read instruction regarding requirements, application process, modes of payment, degree programs, etc.

2. There are two UPCAT forms

a.) UPCAT Form 1

  • Fill-out ALL information

b.) UPCAT Form 2

  • Fill-out some portions on the front page from Name of Student down to the Types of Curriculum and the question about students being allowed to take electives.
  • Fill-out some portions at the back page from Information like Name, School, Date of Birth, Parent’s Name, Attendance in Secondary Schools, etc. down to Total No. of Expected Graduates. The DLSZ Registar’s Office will fill-out academic records.
  • After which, submit UPCAT Form 2 to Ms. Cecille Nacario of the Registrar’s Office. Once accomplished by the Registrar, it will be returned back to the School Counseling Office on a specified date. Please get it from Mrs. Sheryll Pulumbarit or from Ms. Loida Estacion.

3. Pictures should be 2×2, possibly w/ collared shirt and write your name at the back of the pictures. Please do not staple your 2×2 pictures at the forms yet as it will get in the way for printing your academic records in the registrar’s office. Affix the pictures once all forms have been accomplished and ready for submission at UP.

4. Payment and submission of application forms should be done by the students with the assistance of their parents.

5. Be mindful of the deadlines:

May 22- Start of filing of application in UP
June 15- Metro Manila deadline for filing of application

For further inquiries and concerns, please contact Mrs. Sheryll Pulumbarit at (02) 771-3570 loc. 703. Thank you.