United South Floorball Club – Zobel is the Champion of the 6th Philippine Floorball League U17 Division

Our very own United South Floorball Club – Zobel (USFC-Zobel) is the Champion in the 6th Philippine Floorball League (PFL) U17 Division held last October 14 – November 25, 2018  at De La Salle Zobel School and University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus.

PFL is the highest Floorball League participated by the different school and community-based clubs in the country.

The team is composed of all home-grown talents from day school and BRafeNHS who were trained starting April 2018. The United South Floorball Club – Zobel is a special PE program offered by the Physical Education and Health Unit, in partnership with Student Clubs and Activity Office.

It is the vision of the USFC program is to make the club as the national training center for U19 National Floorball Team.

The following are the members of the champion team:

  1. Mejia, King M. (DLSZ 2023)
  2. Dimayuga, Nathan A. (DLSZ 2022)
  3. Cabrera, Cedric P. (DLSZ 2021)
  4. Co, Ansbert Joseph M. (DLSZ 2021)
  5. Co Chiong, Shawn F. (DLSZ 2021)
  6. Dancalan, Raemon Joshua C. (DLSZ 2021)
  7. Fadrillan, Ian Louis D. (DLSZ 2021)
  8. Losaria, Dhel Christian D. (DLSZ 2021)
  9. Olegario, Hans G. (DLSZ 2021)
  10. De Guzman, Jose Gabriel I. (DLSZ 2020)
  11. Del Mundo, Reilly P. (DLSZ 2020)
  12. Hernandez, Miro Manuel L. (DLSZ 2020)
  13. Imperial, Antonio Miguel C. (DLSZ 2020)
  14. Ines, Elonzo Miguel L. (DLSZ 2020)
  15. Landong, Joshua R. (DLSZ 2020)
  16. Mabilangan, Honore M. (DLSZ 2020)
  17. Ranjo, Mathew Adrian P. (DLSZ 2020)
  18. Taguines, John Mark B. (DLSZ 2020)
  19. Yee, Ramon Miguel M. (DLSZ 2020)
  20. Concepcion, Angelo Gabriel C. (DLSZ 2019)
  21. Suarez, Gabriel Alfonso B. (DLSZ 2019)

The following receive the following special awards:

  1. Enzo Miguel Ines (DLSZ 2020) – Best Forward and Most Valuable Player
  2. Dancalan, Raemon Joshua C. (DLSZ 2021) – Best Goal Keeper
  3. Borja, Edwin (DLSZ 2023) – Best Defender

Kudos to the Head Coach and Program Head, Mr. Jay-R Beterbo, Team Coach, Mr. Eris Victoriano (BRafeNHS Alumnus), and to the assistant coaches Mr. Joshua Ben Villareal, Mr. Joemar Tandoc (BRafeNHS Alumnus), and Tyron John Raymundo (DLSZ 2019).