SJII-Malaysia Visits DLSZ

Eighteen students and two adult leaders from St. Joseph Institution International – Malaysia (SJII) will visit De La Salle Santiago Zobel for their annual Service Learning Experience on August 8 – 11, 2018. They will be billeted at the Parmenie, DLSZ.

Now on its 3rd year, the SJII visit will include student leadership benchmarking, class immersions, and outreach programs such as “Goodbye Gutom” and immersion at Haven for Children. The delegates will be accompanied by the student-leaders from the High School and BRafeNHS Student Representative Coordinating Councils on their two-day stay.

Below is the list of guests:


  1. Aaron Jun Meng
  2. Faith Yue-Leng
  3. Justin Kin Jun
  4. Larry Kar Lek
  5. Rachel Desiree Lei Qiu
  6. Sher Ying Ng
  7. Thaddaeus Wai Soon
  8. Wan Cheng Anissa
  9. Yi Yang Chuah
  10. Lyonn Kuann Ryong
  11. Yi Jin Toh
  12. Zuo Rui Gan
  13. John Marcus Jin
  14. Sandy Hsien Liq
  15. Yuyan Wang
  16. Victoria Jade Evans
  17. Dhiirsyha Vinesh
  18. Aiswarya Chanthirakumar

Adult Leaders

  1. Katherine Maureen Fitzgerald
  2. John Sen Ven Ooi

Let us accord our Lasallian Partners our warmest Filipino hospitality.