As we welcome another school year, we are again faced with several illnesses, especially during the months of July to September or what we usually call as “The Flu Season”. Both kids and adults become more vulnerable to sickness or any type of infection because of low resistance that is caused by poor nourishment and lack of sleep.

As such, the DLSZ MEDICAL & DENTAL TEAM would like to share some reminders to help lessen absences brought about by sickness:

  • Frequent and proper hand washing after using the restrooms and before/after eating.
  • Simple habits such as exercising regularly, drinking more fluids than usual, and eating healthy can also help fight seasonal diseases.
  • Bringing small bottles of rubbing alcohol, preferably 70% Ethyl solution, as disinfectant before/after eating and after using the restrooms. (Hand sanitizers are not quite helpful because the alcohol content is less than the plain rubbing alcohol plus it is isopropyl and mostly contains perfume extracts only). Ethyl alcohol can kill Enterovirus, which can cause a type of Conjunctivitis (sore eyes) that has a complication manifesting as subconjunctival haemorrhage, a blot of blood on a person’s sclera (the white part).
  • Girls can wear long pants to prevent mosquito bites. No ripped jeans please.
  • Use tissue in covering your nose/mouth when coughing or sneezing. If you don’t have tissue, better sneeze or cough on your sleeves and not directly on your hands to avoid transferring the virus on doorknobs, tables, chairs, on keyboards, or anything else that you and other people touch.
  • Getting Flu vaccine is also recommended.

Most, if not all, viral-induced illnesses are self-limiting and would need supportive treatment such as controlling fever and increasing oral fluid intake. Antibiotics are not really necessary.

The school reiterates its appeal to parents to make sure that they bring their child to a doctor and that their child stays at home if he/she manifests any symptom/s of any type of illness.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


Prepared by:

Dr. Joana Marie Meneses

Medical Team Leader