DLSZ Reiterates Memo on National Disaster Consciousness

Reiterating our memo on National Disaster Consciousness dated July 6, 2017, please accomplish the following:
  • Have a small flashlight and whistle attached to your child’s ID lace.
  • Kindly accomplish the big and small HELP IDs. Please use a color printer and have these IDs laminated.
  • The small HELP ID must be inserted at the back of the school ID asap.
  • The big HELP ID must be submitted to the class adviser on or before July 31, 2017. The fetchers should be those relatives/friends living inside AAV or nearby villages (for GS to JHS) or near Vermosa, (for SHS) who may be able to immediately pick up the students in the absence of parents/guardians who are working far from the campus.
  • Note that the big HELP IDs of students who submitted them last academic year are with the Safety and Security Office. If there are changes in the fetchers, kindly submit a new one.
  • Senior High School students may need to submit a new big HELP ID since the transfer of campus may change the fetchers who may be able to pick them up.
  • Please disregard and accept our thanks if these have already been accomplished.
  • For additional information on disaster preparedness, please visit the official website of Foresight Life Resilience Corporation by clicking this link: http://www.foresightph.com/downloads.html
Remember that we cannot stop disasters but we can prepare for them! 
Let us do the 3Ps: Plan, Prepare and Pray (that a disaster does not happen!)